Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blog alterations

Hello everyone! I made some blog alterations and I just wanted to do a quick update about it.

( 1 ) I used to use the Imotiv comment form on my blog, but sometimes, it doesn't load and the original Blogger comment form appears. When you guys comment via the Blogger comment form, I can only see them through my email, which is frustrating because I can't reply to your comments. So I have decided to switch back to the Blogger comment form.

For those of you that use the Imotiv app to read my blog, you can still comment using that app and I will reply you through that app as well :) However, your comments won't be shown on my blog, only on the app.

(These are some of the comments from the Blogger comment form that's in my email. There were more, but these are the few recent ones. I have already responded to all of the comments that I couldn't earlier! So sorry for the late replies!)

( 2 ) I included a 'search' box on the top of my profile! This will be easier for you if you are searching for anything specific on my blog.

( 3 ) This has been around for awhile now, I just didn't get around to mention it. At the bottom right corner of my blog, there is a Nuffnang poll. Click it and it will enlarge. Please do take some time to fill in the poll so that I can get to know you guys more and your opinions about my blog! :)

That's all for now! I might update less for the next month because my finals are drawing nearer. Someone requested me to blog about my school uniform, and since I will be graduating soon I will most probably do it :) Stay tuned.

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  1. Hi mandy..
    thank you so much for visiting my blog.. :)
    you have a lovely one too.. nice sharing.. <3


  2. I had stopped using imotiv comment box too, the comment box will not appear in mobile browser, I have to reply the comment by using my phone browser, very troublesome. ><