Saturday, August 3, 2013

That inner kid in me

Black cardigan and Striped flowy dress from Honey Moon  l  Ankle boots (forgotten where I got it from)  l  Wired ribbon headband from Padini

*photo credits: my mum and @onlyinmelaka

The holidays are finally here! 2 weeks of pure bliss awaits! Using this as an excuse to fully relax and enjoy myself, unleashing the inner kid in me. Being bubbly (pun intended) and care free are probably the best things about being a kid. No worries, no stress, no complications, the only 'job' you have is to have fun all day.

Why is it when we grow up, things get complicated? Do we complicate it ourselves or is society to blame?

Whatever it is, I think sometimes its good to fully relax and let go of everything. Do what you really love. Be with the people you love. Embrace life. After all, life is short.

I seldom dress up in a girly way, but I got inspired by the beauty gurus on YouTube, thus the ribbon on my hair. Bubbles used to be one of my favourite things as a child, really brings back a lot of good memories. But after not playing with bubbles for such a long time, I have lost the skill of blowing bubbles. lol. Nonetheless, I still am a kid at heart. Sometimes. teehee.

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