Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oh Boy

Boy oversized top from @tealeavesboutique  l  'Faith' cap from Singapore  l  Tattered grey pants from Mico Fashion Square  l  Grey wedges from Vincci

Oh boy, my two weeks of holidays are coming to an end. Pass the tissues please, I am ready to weep in despair.

But! On the bright side, the end of this blissful holiday means that I only have 3 months of high school left! *throws confetti*

I had/am having a pretty good holiday. The best part is that I had tons of rest. There's a chinese saying that goes '休息是为了走更长远的路' which means 'The purpose of resting is to venture further'. I personally fully agree with this statement. All work and no play makes Mandy a very angry and cranky girl. Haha.

By the way, I found another nice cafe during these hols! Presenting, De Reve Saloon!  It's a saloon / cafe / nail parlour. Tried their desserts there and I have to say that their brownie and apple crumble are my favourites! They serve homemade thin crust pizza too! Craving for that Hawaiian Tuna pizza so badly right now! The best thing is, the price is affordable and reasonable! Even famous bloggers, Jane Chuck and Nanabwincess went there before :D

Hope that everyone had a great day :) and to all you schooling people, enjoy the last few days of the holidays! I will be back to posting once a week on my blog once school starts next week :) Oh yes, I changed my instagram and twitter to @mandy_minli. Follow me if you're interested in awkward pictures and random statuses :D

De Reve Saloon
No.203-G Jalan Kenanga 3/29, Taman Kenanga SEK.3
  • 75200 Malacca City, Malaysia
  • 06-2866006

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  1. hey mandy!

    i really love the oversized top!


    -Demi x x x

  2. Those ripped jeans are amazing! I need them! Thanks for sharing Mandy!

    1. Thank you April! I've had them for 3 years already but they still look fairly new. haha