Friday, August 9, 2013

Mamee Jonker House (Part 2)

Hi. Meet my new friend, Mamee Monster. 

So, in my previous post, I talked about Mamee Jonker House which is located at Jonker Walk. Previously, I introduced the cute souvenirs and products they have there.

Today, I will talk about their Mamee Cafe!

The Mamee Cafe is a very spacious area with bright lighting. 

Dear girls, this is a perfect place for you all to *ahem* take pictures (a.k.a camwhore / take selfies). haha

They also have this cute Mamee art on the wall. This art compilation can only be seen here at Mamee Jonker House and no where else!

See? Spacious and bright with mirrors! Told you it's good for taking your group pictures or selfies. haha

Okay okay, I should really start talking about the food that they have in their cafe now.

 Mamee Creamy Tom Yam Flavour Noodles

As I said before, Mamee Chef (their lastest product) consist of 3 flavours and Creamy Tom Yam is one of them. The tom yam soup lives up to its name as it is really creamy. :)

 Mamee Mee Goreng with Satay

This is a MUST TRY! Their mee goreng tastes awesome! The most important thing is, it is not very salty. Just perfect. 

The small side dish by the side is their homemade achar. Let me tell you, their achar is absolutely, 100% delicious! I swear. This is definitely one of the best (if not the best) achar I have ever tasted. They also do ala carte for their homemade achar, so you can take some home with you! 

For every order of their dishes, you will receive one complimentary Cheers soft drink. But if you don't fancy canned drinks, you can always order coffee!

 Cafe Latte

 Iced Mocha ,  Iced Latte , Iced Chocolate

And what's a Cafe without cakes right?

They have a various selection of nyonya kuih and cakes.

Green Tea Cake

That was my first time trying green tea flavoured cake and it tastes good. Definitely worth trying :)

Everything is self service there :) One very good thing about the Mamee Cafe is that if you just want some plain water to drink, they actually have a water station where you can freely take drinking water free of charge! 

Vintage dress from Vintage Style  l  Tattoo Stockings from Kam Ho  l  Nude heels from Charles and Keith

That pretty much sums up my visit. Once again, huge thanks to Mamee Jonker House for giving me the privilege to have a preview of their awesome place. I had a great time and will most definitely visit again, especially when the Mamee Museum opens!

Mamee Jonker House
No. 46 and 48, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka.

*photo credit: @onlyinmelaka

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