Friday, July 12, 2013

Mix and Match #2: Stripes

Thank God It's Friday. #TGIF

Finally manage to post my second 'Mix and Match'. This time, I focused more on accessories and outerwear.

Made in Korea black netting outerwear and Striped pants from Honeymoon (DP)  l Black Spaghetti strap (forgotten where I got this)  l  Black heels from Barry (Aeon)  l  Camera earrings from Vintage Style (DP)

I think of all the outfit posts that I have done, this is by far my most favourite outfit yet.

Deeply in love with the outer netting because it really spices up the whole look and making it look more K-Pop-ish.

Striped pants/leggings/jeggings have been in trend for awhile now, and I thought I'll just jump on the bandwagon anyway, since this pair is so comfortable and has a very nice cutting.

First look : Hip Hop Girl

'Faith' cap from Singapore

Wearing a cap changes a lot about the outfit. Makes it more casual, yet adding a little bit of hip hop style into the look.

Second Look: Biker Chic

Faux leather biker jacket from Mico Fashion Square

Putting on a faux leather biker jacket will basically bring out the rocker chic in anyone (except guys of course). This will be perfect if you're going somewhere that has air conditioning or a more formal event.

Third Look: Rocker Gal

Black vest from Singapore

I guess this look gives out a similar vibe as the biker jacket. This is also suitable for formal events except that you most probably won't be drenched in sweat since it's sleeveless and quite airy.

That is all for this post of mine. I hope you all like the different looks that I (tried to) compile.  Had lots of fun during the process of this shoot. A round of applause for my photographer - my mum. <3

And this photo pretty much sums up what goes on Behind The Scenes. lol. The wind was crazy that day. Thanks to that, I didn't sweat much and I had many shots of my hair dancing in the wind *dramatic much*. Of course I also had a ton of photos when my hair was in my face -.- haha. I initially wanted to do a shoot for another outfit, that's why I was lugging around all those bags, but in the end we didn't have enough time. Oh well. Minions were calling. So we had to go and watch their show. Hehe. Despicable Me 2 is hilarious and awesome!

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Thank you loads for reading!

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