Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ice Town Melaka


So I went to Ice Town the other day. The interior of this shop is quite long but it is very narrow. When I went there yesterday, it was seriously crowded and because everyone was packed together, it was really nosiy as well. Not a really ideal place if you intend to have a relaxing time.

Green Tea Red Bean
Rate: 6/10

Banana Chocolate
Rate : 7/10

Although I love the concept of ice shavings but so far I have tried various ice shavings from different dessert shops and the taste somehow never seemed enough for me.

These 2 ice shavings I tried was kinda okay, but if their taste were more concentrated and stronger, it would have been so much better.

 Creamy Sauce Sotong with Rice
Rate: 8.8/10

Now this dish was really good. The sauce was savoury but it was quite spicy because they added a lot of cili padi into the sauce, so I had to slowly pick out all of them before I eat. lol.

Now for my outfit of the day:

 Aztec cropped top and denim high waisted shorts from Honey Moon  l  High top yellow sneaker wedges from Summer

Going to be quite busy the next few weeks due to exams and assignments. Hopefully I'll manage to get them all done before the Raya holidays. 

Hope you all are having a great weekend :)

Ice Town
No.73, Jalan KL 3/8,
Taman Kota Laksamana Seksyen 3,
75200 Melaka

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