Saturday, July 20, 2013

Finishing this climb ft. STPM Sem 2 results

 'Climb' top from Honeymoon   l   Green jeggings from Ku Zi   l   Teal pumps from Carlo Rino   l   Lapalette inspired bag from Platinum Mall (Thailand)

So I just got my STPM Semester 2 results on Monday. I waited up till midnight to check my results and I actually used the SMS system to check, but I'll just show the online version of it.

Overall CGPA: 3.67

Words cannot describe how shocked I was. I honestly thought it was gonna be way worse than my Sem 1 results. After recovering from the shock, and also double checking the results to be certain it is mine, I was like...

Really thank God for pulling me through sem 2. I was so overloaded with work and responsibilities, not to mention that I spent the first 3 months of sem 2 worrying about my sem 1 results. So I'm really really grateful that I didn't do as bad as I thought I would. All glory goes to Him <3

Being in Form Six is such a tough climb. With all the bumpy and winding roads, with all the challenges and obstacles in the way. Sometimes I just feel like giving up because there's just too many things I have to cope with. But hey, We (referring to all the upper sixes out there) are already in Semester 3! We are going to finish this climb very soon. Stay strong and press on till we reach the top.

To those who got the results that they wanted or more than what they expected, congratulations! Be proud of yourselves :)

For those who didn't, don't ever give up. We didn't come this far to just throw in the towel. You only fail if you give up. 

1 last time. We can do this. We are going to finish this climb together. :)

P.S: To all the lower sixes, all the best to you guys as well! xx.

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  1. omygawd congrats on this result!
    i myself is a STPM school student too! same same like yoU! hahah
    and now i bet we both are waiting for upu and usm interview offer, haha
    so excited to see another stpm holder like me and which is also a blogger, so that i can relate to, anyway, i followed you! you're such a great fashionista too (:

    1. hahah yayyy! Yeah I am waiting for uni offers :DDD Thank you so much for following me! ;) Good luck to you!