Saturday, July 6, 2013

Busy July

Hi guise! I didn't touch it. Really.


Anyways! July is here people. Second half of the year has just begun. I have been so packed with school activities, assignments and tests recently that I don't really have the time to do anything else that is non-school related. Glad that I'm done with most of them already. I finally can have a mini breather. *inhales*

White button down and black skater skirt from Honeymoon  l  Translucent heels from Vincci  l  Translucent backpack from Vintage Style

I have a love-hate relationship with button downs. The thing I love about them is that you can easily match it with anything and it'll look good and trendy. The thing I hate is that you always have to use a safety pin to pin in some places so that there isn't a 'hole' for people to 'see through' between the buttons.

Loving the details of this white button down that I got from Honeymoon. The logo on the front and the gold collar tips gives it an edgy look while the tutu princess-y sleeves make it a little more girly.

I know it looks like I'm sitting on it, but I'm actually sitting on a stool. 

Oh yeah. One thing I realised recently is I've became chubbier, especially around my face *cries* Or maybe I've always been this chubby except I didn't know it *double cry* But I know that I have been eating so much that it's hard to control myself sometimes. *guilty face* 

I need to force myself to exercise, so I went swimming the other day. Haven't swam in a while and I just HAD to choose a cold and rainy day to swim in. =__=  Ended up not lasting for more than 30 minutes because the water was just too cold. #majorfail 

But hey, at least it's a start!......right?

Hope all of you will have a great second half of the year!

*photos by my extraordinary mum

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  1. cute look! i love your skirt so much

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Prelel! haha I am chubbier than I was before :(