Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stop and smell the roses

Floral denim top and tattered denim shorts from Honeymoon  l  Beige heels from Charles and Keith l  Translucent backpack from Vintage Style  l  Sunglasses from Calvin Klein

Floral and translucent bags are in trend this summer. I am officially obsessed with my translucent backpack as it can be so classy or casual depending on what you match it with. The flowers on my denim top are actually roses, which are my favourite flowers. (so typical, lol)

Meanwhile, the hazy season has passed. Thank goodness, or else I'll never be able to post another outfit post. Oh Hello fresh air! I never knew having fresh air is such a big blessing.

I think sometimes we are too caught up with our fast paced life. We don't enjoy the simplest blessings and we take many things for granted. We should all learn to stop and smell the roses. Just take a few minutes of the day to really fully relax and be thankful for all the little things around you. Great family, good friends, simple meals, all these can bring a lot more contentment than you think.

Stop and smell the roses, and you'll realise how beautiful this world (and your life) actually is.

Some Behind The Scenes photos from the shoot:

*Photos are courtesy of my mum and @onlyinmelaka

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