Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mix and Match #1: Checkered Love


Am I the only one who thinks that this year is moving by wayyy too fast? Can't believe its June already! 

Since it's a new start of the second halve of the year, I thought I'd come up with my first blog series called 'Mix and Match'. As I have said before I really love fashion and I wish I have all the money in the world to buy all the clothes I want.

But I don't.

I'm just a jobless teenager on a tight budget. 

To me, wearing the same outfit/coordinate repetitively is really boring, so I like to mix and match what I have in my wardrobe and come out with a whole new look by using a certain piece of apparel.

Since monochrome (black and white) and checkered prints are in trend now, I'll be mixing and matching my monochrome checkered dress which I got from Honey Moon.

Please excuse my messy hair and half awake expression. Getting up at 8am on a Saturday is not easy.

First Look: Kpop inspired 'Checkered Love'

credit: @onlyinmelaka

Denim jacket and Checkered dress from Honey Moon (Dataran Pahlawan)  ll  Yellow platform sneakers from  Summer (Mahkota Parade)

I like Kpop, and if you follow Kpop, you would know that their artists are always bold with their clothing choices and they can be really colourful at times.

So this is me, trying to be bold and colourful at the same time. Matched my checkered dress with a denim jacket and bright yellow platform sneakers.

Give me some props okay, walking around Jonker Walk on a bright sunny morning wearing a jacket should be considered bold right? No? ::okay::

Second Look: That 'Checkered Love' Lady

I'm sorry for another sleepy looking picture. I told you getting up at 8am wasn't easy.

Anyways, the first look was more to a 'rocker chic' kind of style, this second one would be a little more *ahem* feminine.

Checkered dress and Black skater skirt from Honey Moon  ll  Black platforms from Padini  ll  Red kitty hat from  Gold Apple (Dataran Pahlawan)

Tucked in my checkered denim dress into my black skater skirt and paired it with black platforms so that I'll look more *so-called* ladylike. Also wore my red kitty hat so that my coordinate will have a pop of colour to it. Hehe.

So which look did you like the best? Tell me by leaving a comment below! Any suggestions or advices are welcomed as well. Rest assured that all comments are highly appreciated ;D

By the way, see that picture with the 'Breakfast menu'? Want to know where that is? Stay tuned. Coming up in the next post ;)

*photos are all taken by my amazing mum except the ones that are credited

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