Friday, June 21, 2013

Here we go again

 Malaysia is a tropical country, but we have 3 seasons all year round. One is summer, one is the rainy season, and one is the hazy season.

Guess what? It's hazy season now in Malaysia, again. If there's one thing I hate the most in the world is the smell of smoke. I cannot, and will never be able to stand it.

Sadly, we have been having this season for probably a decade now, and it's due to forest burning in Indonesia. So far, I think this is the worst that we have ever encountered.

Now I'm not blaming all the citizens of Indonesia, I know that there are so many of them who are against it, but just like us, they can't do anything about it. I blame the goons that are causing all this.

I can't bring myself to stand out in the open long enough to capture images of the haze we have here in Melaka, but here are some images I found, just to let you all have a glimpse of what have suffered (and still are) this past week.




and then this is how I look every day for the past week. A lot of us wear masks to school and one of my teachers said that we look like robbers (its not a norm for us, Malaysians, to wear masks, we only wear it when we absolutely have to). It's ironic, because in actual fact, we are the ones being robbed of our health.

The haze is so bad here and our Air Pollutant Index level was around 150-190 (although it feels like a 300) yesterday.

Today, unfortunately, is the worst of all days this week. I am at home now but I'm still wearing my mask. That's how bad it is. I think our API is probably around 280-290 today? I can't even see the buildings clearly within a 3 metres range.

I don't understand those people that are wishing for the haze to be so bad that schools and work places will close down so that they can have their 'holiday'. I would pick school over having lung cancer ANY DAY. 

I've read some articles regarding the haze and sad to say most of them are ridiculous. 'Certain people' are saying that, 'Why are you all blaming us? It's nature.' Excuse me? Nature? So you're telling me that your forests will catch fire at about the same time every single year? What utter nonsense.

I made a list of people I feel bad for during this 'season'. Here it is.


  • all of us that are affected by the haze
  • those that have to work outside
  • babies who have already taken in so much haze with their little lungs
  • those without masks
  • the Singaporeans, who have it twice as bad as us, and are now having a shortage on masks.
  • the Indonesians who are against it. They are just as helpless and furious about it as we are, don't put the blame on them.
  • frail old people.
  • the tourists that have chosen this horrible time to visit our usually beautiful hometown
  • the animals. I heard that birds in Singapore are dying. (by the way, why don't mosquitoes die? I am so surprised that I still have mosquito bites recently.)
  • those that have asthma or breathing difficulties.

But you know who I feel most sorry for? The ones that are creating the haze.

They obviously have no heart and no brain. It must be so tough living without those two organs. I sincerely hope that whoever you are, you will get them back.....if you had any in the first place.

Meanwhile, to everyone else that are affected, take care, drink more water, try not to wear contact lenses if you do, avoid any outdoor activities as much as possible, and pray that this season will pass by soon.

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