Sunday, June 9, 2013

Back to school

Wolf tee from Honey Moon  l  Black shorts from Mico Fashion Square  l  Backpack from Jonker Gallery  l  Floral creepers from Adore to Style  l  Skull arm candy from Oonli Style

Today is the last day of my school holidays, or as my friend put it, 'the last day of being unproductive'. Sometimes I wish that the schools here allow us to wear whatever we want instead of those boring looking uniforms. Guess I'll just have to wait till I head off to university.

Starting tomorrow will be my first day of my last semester in high school. Finally. Schooling days are coming to an end for me soon enough, then it's off to college/university. I'm not really sure about being excited for the next stage of my education but I sure am ecstatic that this high school life will end soon. Then I can say goodbye to tuitions and uniforms and waking up at 5.45 in the mornings.

Oh yes, I did a To-do-list for the holidays previously in this post, so now I'm gonna update it and see what I have 'accomplished'. 

My to-do-list for the holidays:

  • Curl my hair 
  • Go for a facial
  • Hangout with my girls
  • Tidy my wardrobe
  • Tidy my study room
  • Wrap all the books I got from the Big Bad Wolf Sale
  • Study my semester 1 Accounts (whoops)
  • Try to finish reading all the books I got from BBW (only managed to read 6 out of 12)
  • Download and watch 'Mean Girls' (sadly didn't manage to)
  • Blog more fashion posts (only did 2, thought I could have done more than that)
  • Exercise (Hah! Forever unaccomplished)
  • Get tons of sleep

So I've completed 7 and a half tasks out of 12, not too bad I guess. Can't wait for the next school holidays to be here.

Happy going back to school everyone! and to all the upper sixes, last semester to go! Yay!

*photos by my mum

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