Monday, May 6, 2013

Hold on Malaysians

The Malaysian 13th General Election is over. I do not need to talk about the results. We all know what it is.

Before the elections, I have been posting on Facebook, Twitter as well as this blog (here and here) about any news related to the elections, and through my posts, I think it's obvious as to which side I'm inclining to. Honestly, I could have accepted the results whole heartedly no matter what it is, if none of the following events occurred:

  • Foreign workers are given free Identification Cards and money to vote.
  • Indelible ink that can be washed off.
  • Foreign workers that are able to vote twice.
  • Malaysians not being able to vote because 'someone' already used their name to vote.
  • Counting process gets disrupted by blackouts.
  • Ballot boxes appearing out of nowhere after the blackouts occur.

I just witnessed the dirtiest election ever.

19 years of my life, I have never shed a tear nor have I felt so heart broken because of my own country before, now I have.

But listen up Malaysians,

This battle is not over. It has just begun. A country has fallen, but a nation has risen. We wanted change, we got it. Slowly but surely, we will get there.

Rome wasn't built in a day, success doesn't happen overnight.

Please, do not give up. We did not lose the battle, we just haven't won yet. We only lose if we quit.

Change starts with you. Make impacts among your family, your peers. Tell those who are still sleeping to wake up. Encourage those who are giving up to press on. Sometimes, when things seem like they are falling apart, they might actually be falling into place.

I have never seen Malaysians being so united before. Regardless of whatever race we are, we stood together to fight for what we believe in. This is not over. There is still hope.

I love Malaysia. I hope you do too.

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