Sunday, May 26, 2013

Denim Bliss

Denim dress from Honeymoon (Dataran Pahlawan)  l  Skull arm candy from Onli Style (Dataran Pahlawan)  l  Knee high socks (forgot where that is from)  l  Blue heels with leopard prints on the side from one of the shoe shops in Aeon which has already closed down  l  Varsity jacket from London

I am currently using my mum's laptop to blog because my own computer is on PMS mode. Again.  Fell in love with this dress from my ultimate favourite shop ever. I just love the details on the dress, especially the american flag prints! Gives it a retro kind of feel. I don't know what I'll do if Honeymoon ever closes. I think I'll cry buckets then because until now, there is no other shop that can come close to Honeymoon (for me that is).

My to-do-list for the holidays:

  • Curl my hair (done it at Icon! It's opposite Notre Dame Convent) 
  • Go for a facial
  • Hangout with my girls
  • Tidy my wardrobe
  • Tidy my dressing table
  • Tidy my study room
  • Wrap all the books I got from the Big Bad Wolf book sale
  • Study (ugh) my sem 1 Accounts (yes I am retaking)
  • Try to finish reading all the books I got from BBW (I bought 12, currently at book 3)
  • Download and watch 'Mean Girls'
  • Blog more fashion posts (hopefully I can fulfill this)
  • Exer...cise (?)
  • Get tons of sleep

*crossed out are the ones that I have completed

I shall update that list as I go during this 2 week holiday. :) I think that's all for now. Oh yeah, one last thing I need to share. I have been waking up without any sounds of the alarm clock ringing in my ears. Happiness can be this simple.

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