Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pizza Hut Promotion

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Time really flies. Can't believe it's April already! Was bombarded with questions from many people about my hair in school the first few days of the week. Just to give you all a few examples...

"Omg Mandy you fooled me! I really thought you cut your hair short!"

*stares at my long hair* "Mandy, is that a wig?"

"Eh Mandy, how come you can tie your hair up?!"

and my most favourite one of all...

"OMG How come your hair can grow so fast!?"

hahahaha. Priceless.

Anyway, back to my topic.

My mum saw this Pizza Hut advertisement on the newspaper one day.

And she wanted to try it out! Especially the desserts. So, lucky me got to tag along with her. Yay for moms!

Basically the promotion is like each person can order one signature dish of that day at half the price! Not bad right? Since my mum and I went yesterday (Saturday), we got to choose from Oven baked Cookie Sundae or Garlic bread+Soup of-the-day or Cheese baked meatballs. 

We decide to go for the Oven Baked Cookies Sundae, and we also ordered a set that consists of a personal pan pizza, a drink and garlic bread+mushroom soup.

Garlic Bread + Mushroom Soup

Rate: 9/10

I have always liked this combination. I can't stand eating garlic bread by itself because of the smell...and taste. But I love it with mushroom soup! Finished the whole bowl and ate three pieces of bread by myself because my mum is not a fan of this.

Sensasi Ocean Tuna Pizza

Rate: 9.8/10

If you haven't tried a tuna flavoured pizza, you should. Maybe it's just me, but I L-O-V-E tuna flavoured pizza. Especially on thin crust! It tastes really really good.

Oven Baked Cookie Sundae

Rate: 6/10

Here comes the highlight of the day! Or, at least, what I thought would be the highlight of the day. It's actually a chocolate chip cookie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The chocolate chip cookie is quite nice. It's soft and crumbly at the same time. But seriously, this is just way too sweet for my liking. I think it's possible to get diabetes from eating this -.-  If the cookie wasn't nice, I would have probably rated it a 4. But, on the plus side, it was on half price, so it only costs RM3. lol

If you have a huge sweet tooth, this will be your little piece of heaven. For people like me, you might just gag eating the whole lot of this. Which I didn't, finish it up I mean.

Pizza Hut really added a lot of new things to their menu. They have more western food now. I want to try out their chicken chop next time!

That's all for now. Helping my brother to make our own homemade pizza!

Haha okay la, not make la, just heating up a pre-made pizza we bought from Tesco. lol. Bye!


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