Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Monkey see, Monkey do @ De Palma Inn, Kuala Selangor

This is a scheduled post. 

I like this picture, but because I placed my cap there, it looks like I'm pregnant -__-

  • Camouflage military semi transparent crop top studded with stars - Honeymoon (Dataran Pahlawan)
  • Denim shorts - Mico Fashion Square
  • Green cap - Korea
  • About-to-spoil-slippers (lol) - A push cart in Mahkota Parade
  • Neon green sunglasses - no idea where it's from

*I wore slippers because I didn't bring my combat boots as it is only a camp. Also, I has a blister, so I couldn't wear any shoes anyways.

As I said in this post, I attended my church's annual camp at De Palma Inn, Kuala Selangor. Just giving a bit of review about how my stay there went.


Well, I don't know if 'hotel' would be a right word for it as we lived in chalets/cabins. The chalets were clean, and it was quite okay. Except for the fact that the mini fridge located in the cupboard under the television cannot be closed properly without using huge force. And when I say huge force, as in, I had to kick the fridge's door so that it'll close -.-

Credits: Joey Tan

Then, it rained on the second day we were there, and there were no sidewalks with shade to shield us from the rain when we wanted to go to the lobby, or anywhere else for that matter. We had to cover ourselves with newspapers and magazines as all of our umbrellas are left in the car. -_-

The 'hotel' is kind of situated in a remote area, so there's no Wi-fi connection there. Even if you have 3G, it's impossible to get any coverage at all. The only wifi provided is at the lobby, and even then sometimes it does not work, or it's extremely slow.

There's this key holder inside your room that says 'Place key here to have power'. But actually, you will still have electricity even if you don't place your key there. So you can on your air conditioners throughout your stay without turning it off at all! =P Okok, not very eco-friendly, but can you blame us with Malaysia's super hot weather?

Another thing, if you plan to stay there, be aware of furry guests -- Monkeys. There are at least 30 of them, and maybe even more. They'll appear in the afternoon to scout for food, and they come out in groups. Its kinda scary to be honest.

This is only one group of them ,there's another huge group -.-

My brother, sister and I were walking back to our chalet when we met this huge group of monkeys, and my genius of a brother decided to feed them peanut shells. Bad idea. One of the mama monkeys who was carrying her baby suddenly came up to us so quickly while the others were glaring/staring.

What else to do? Run lah of course!

Thank goodness they decided to not chase us. I, of course scolded my brother after that -____-

The monkeys will come up to you and follow you if you carry plastic bags. So if you're gonna buy food, try to find a safer way to 'transport' your food, like putting it in a bag pack. One of my church members kept being followed by the monkeys because she carried a lot of plastic bags after buying stuff from the fish market. ><

The staff there told us people from Jabatan (I don't know what they are called) came once and tried to shoot them. They shot one, and after that got attacked by the rest of the lot -___________- So they decided to leave them alone.

There's an adult pool and a kiddy's pool, but they're both kinda small and the adult pool is only 4 feet deep.

Oh, almost forgot to mention about the food there. All their food had one thing in common, too sweet. Be it vegetables, soup, curry, eggs...just anything. They are all SWEET. While I do have a huge sweet tooth, this is all just too much -_- But I really love their roti canai! Super thin and crispy! Goes well with their sambal, which, miraculously wasn't sweet, but savoury.

Overall, I would rate my stay there a 6/10 for a resort. Now, if there was good wifi coverage, no monkeys, and better food, I would probably give it an 8.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My firefly experience @ Kelip-kelip Kampung Kuantan

  • Black and white striped top - Honeymoon (dataran pahlawan)
  • Green jeggings  - Ku Zi (dataran pahlawan)
  • Floral creepers - Adore to Style
  • Gold mustache necklace - a gift from a friend
  • Skull wristband - Onli Style (dataran pahlawan)
  • Watch - Quartz
  • Neon green glow in the dark sunglasses - no idea where its from

So, I attended my church camp at De Palma Inn Resort, Kuala Selangor on the 13th-15th of April. The highlight of this camp was definitely being able to see the fireflies at 'Kelip-Kelip Kampung Kuantan'.


Some few things everyone should know about:

  1. 1 sampan is for 4 people, costs RM50. (but if you're a local, you might be able to squeeze in 5 people with a bit of persuading *winks*, of course need to pay a little bit extra lah okay)
  2. Boats are also provided but its more expensive, I personally recommend taking the sampan, its way more exciting and makes the whole experience better.
  3. Wear long sleeves and long pants. Tons of mosquitoes there. I wore long sleeve and long pants still got bitten -.-
  4. Don't try anything funny when in the sampan. Life jackets are provided, but still, just, don't.
  5. DON'T catch any fireflies and bring them home, nor kill them, or do anything to them. Not only will you be fined a sum of RM1000, but you will also be destroying one of nature's best.

A whole bunch of us went there around 7.30pm just when its getting dark. I don't know about the rest but I was super excited. When it got dark enough, we started getting on the sampans at the dock.

It was kind of scary at first because it was really really really dark and it feels like we were sailing off into the darkness because there are no lights around the area. But after I got used to it, it was okay.

If you're like me, and you have this magical fantasy that millions of fireflies are gonna fly around you while you are in your boat, then sorry, but it's not like that. Turns out, they all just stick to their trees, but this still won't disappoint you, trust me.

I am always attracted to pretty lights, and let me tell you, it is so so so incredibly pretty, it's like there are dozens of Christmas trees around you. With all the fireflies blinking, it's just a really beautiful sight. 

From far, it looks like they are blinking simultaneously  but when you get closer, you will realize some blink about 3 times per second, those are the males, and those who blink one time per second are the females.

At one point, our boatman brought us really close to one of the trees and caught one, dampen its wings a little so that it can't fly off, and place it on my hand. (This does not harm the fireflies, but do not do this yourself) That tiny little bug just went on blinking and crawling all over my hand, probably cursing whoever that made its wings wet. lol. But after awhile, its wings dried and it was able to fly off again.

Its kind of impossible to take pictures of them because its just too dark to take non blurry photos without flash, and if you take with flash you can't see the fireflies blinking. So we just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

The boat ride lasted about 15-20 minutes. For me, it was too short. I could have continued staring at them fireflies for hours.

 If you really want to be able to see millions of fireflies, the season to visit is on the 1st-18th of the Chinese calendar. Saturdays and Sundays are always busy be it a holiday or not, so you might want to go on a weekday if possible.

Overall, it was a really amazing experience!

Oh yeah, since it's impossible to catch any firefly home or take a picture, I bought this from their souvenir shop. It glows in the dark just like a real firefly!

A bunch of us bought it, and then one of them asked the shop owner if they could sell it at a cheaper price (it is RM5 for one). Then she said, RM15 for 3.

At first, I was like...'What!? Now only you say!? We all bought separately already leh!"

Then...after thinking for awhile, I realized, 1 = RM5, so 3 = RM15 -.-

Lol. This is why I don't take maths. haha.

Till then :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pizza Hut Promotion

Source: chibird

Time really flies. Can't believe it's April already! Was bombarded with questions from many people about my hair in school the first few days of the week. Just to give you all a few examples...

"Omg Mandy you fooled me! I really thought you cut your hair short!"

*stares at my long hair* "Mandy, is that a wig?"

"Eh Mandy, how come you can tie your hair up?!"

and my most favourite one of all...

"OMG How come your hair can grow so fast!?"

hahahaha. Priceless.

Anyway, back to my topic.

My mum saw this Pizza Hut advertisement on the newspaper one day.

And she wanted to try it out! Especially the desserts. So, lucky me got to tag along with her. Yay for moms!

Basically the promotion is like each person can order one signature dish of that day at half the price! Not bad right? Since my mum and I went yesterday (Saturday), we got to choose from Oven baked Cookie Sundae or Garlic bread+Soup of-the-day or Cheese baked meatballs. 

We decide to go for the Oven Baked Cookies Sundae, and we also ordered a set that consists of a personal pan pizza, a drink and garlic bread+mushroom soup.

Garlic Bread + Mushroom Soup

Rate: 9/10

I have always liked this combination. I can't stand eating garlic bread by itself because of the smell...and taste. But I love it with mushroom soup! Finished the whole bowl and ate three pieces of bread by myself because my mum is not a fan of this.

Sensasi Ocean Tuna Pizza

Rate: 9.8/10

If you haven't tried a tuna flavoured pizza, you should. Maybe it's just me, but I L-O-V-E tuna flavoured pizza. Especially on thin crust! It tastes really really good.

Oven Baked Cookie Sundae

Rate: 6/10

Here comes the highlight of the day! Or, at least, what I thought would be the highlight of the day. It's actually a chocolate chip cookie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The chocolate chip cookie is quite nice. It's soft and crumbly at the same time. But seriously, this is just way too sweet for my liking. I think it's possible to get diabetes from eating this -.-  If the cookie wasn't nice, I would have probably rated it a 4. But, on the plus side, it was on half price, so it only costs RM3. lol

If you have a huge sweet tooth, this will be your little piece of heaven. For people like me, you might just gag eating the whole lot of this. Which I didn't, finish it up I mean.

Pizza Hut really added a lot of new things to their menu. They have more western food now. I want to try out their chicken chop next time!

That's all for now. Helping my brother to make our own homemade pizza!

Haha okay la, not make la, just heating up a pre-made pizza we bought from Tesco. lol. Bye!