Friday, March 22, 2013

STPM Sem 1 Results

Disclaimer: Just in case of any misunderstandings, I am not trying to brag ( not that there's anything to brag about) through this post. Just recording one of life's moments.

So, our STPM Sem 1 results just came out on Wednesday (20th March). Actually they told us it was going to be released on Thursday (21st of March), but some how it came out around 10pm.

I didn't know that the results came out till around 11pm, I was actually planning to sleep already, but Facebook told me the results are out -_- Then I couldn't sleep no more.

I found out the link of the website through a friend and started pressing the refresh button on my phone like mad. Seriously, I don't understand why they want to use online system but the page crashes so easily. Its like as if its purposely made this way to create more suspense for the students. Well, you succeeded okay, so congratulations.

After trying for the 62498723651th time, I finally managed to gain access to the website around midnight.

Had mixed emotions when I finally got to this page.

One part of me was like 'Yayyy! FINALLY!' and another part of me was like 'Omg, once I key in my IC number, I'm gonna be looking at my results.' *launches into full panic attack mode*

I entered my IC number anyway, and what I saw was this.

CGPA: 3.09

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw my results. So I did both.

If anything, I felt relieved. Relieved for the fact that I can continue on my Form Six. I know my results isn't really over-the-top, but I feel that it's okay. I was so worried for so many months because I kept worrying about my results and finding ways to get out of Form Six if my results turned out really really bad. So glad that I don't have to worry about it anymore.

Also, this was the very first time that I didn't focus on the subject that I got the worst results for. Maybe it's because I already expected that I wouldn't do well in my Accounts, or maybe I was just too focused on calculating my CGPA, or maybe I was just busy being happy for the other 3 subjects.

I didn't realise I partially failed/passed my Accounts till like half an hour later. lol. Oh, and I say partially fail /pass because that's what they call those subjects that you get 0.01-1.99 for. Honestly, I don't know why they want to categorise it like this. To me, a fail is a fail, a pass is a pass, no such thing as in betweens. But okay, I'm following whatever they say lah. 

No idea why on earth did I take up Accounts, but there's no turning back now. lol. Most probably going to retake that paper to try to get a higher pointer ><

But, really, Thank you God for my results. 

To those who got the results that you wanted or the results that exceeded your expectations, congratulations! You should be proud of yourself :)

To those who didn't, don't give up. It's not the end of the journey yet. These results can be changed. Hang in there. 

8 more months, 2 more times. We can do this :)

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