Friday, March 1, 2013


Hello *coughs* March *sniffs*

I am *coughs* sick *sniffs* again *cough* 

Okay you get my point. Seriously, I have been falling sick monthly. Now I can accept that certain things do happen monthly, but being sick every month is =_=

Two days ago, I had throat infection + flu + fever. Now I'm left with cough + flu.

Anyways, this is what I think the word S-I-C-K stands for.


When I'm sick, the only thing I wanna do is sleep. Or rest. Especially after taking all that horrible tasting medication. I usually just lie down on the couch the entire day. I'm not even exaggerating. I lie down on my couch in front of the TV for about 20 hours a day when I am sick.


All I need when I'm sick, are things that do not remind me that I am sick. So I tend to indulge in things that I like. And since I can't indulge in all the glorious food that I love so much, I seek alternatives like...

- Watching a funny Youtube video. (Thank you Ryan Higa for existing. #ILY)

 - Reading fashion magazines

- Play Candy Crush

Currently stuck at level 50 by the way
- Listening to songs

and many more.


I really really want to be as comfortable as I can whenever I'm sick. So I usually wear an over-sized baggy T-shirt and sweat pants 24 hours when I'm sick.

This is my sick shirt. LOL. Always wear this when I'm sick because it's sooo comfy! It's my Form Five class shirt by the way.
And you can't see my track pants because this shirt is huge. I got it one size bigger. Over-sized T-shirts is LOVE!

And then I'll make myself a cup of honey lemon tea! Super easy to make and it really soothes your throat. Good for sore throats and cough!

Just squeeze half a lemon and add 1 table spoon of Manuka Honey in your cup, then pour warm water

and tadaaa Honey Lemon Tea!


No I don't go around killing people/animals when I'm sick. I meant kill all the bacteria/viruses or whatever that's in my body that's causing me to be sick. And by doing that, I' have to take medication *boooooo*

I've said in this post before that I hate medication and I somehow have lost the ability to swallow pills when I became a teenager -___-

Here is me crushing my pills with a parang so that I can mix with water and drink it  =/

Wish there was a way to get better without taking any medication :(

Sleep. Indulge. Comfort. Kill.

I still am kind of sick, but I do feel wayyy better than I did the past two days. (Obviously, since got mood to take pictures.haha)

Really hope that I won't get sick monthly anymore and let this be the last time I'll get sick this year. Also I wish all of you who are actually reading this stay in the pink of health throughout the year!

P.S: Changed my blog link because this is easier for me to pronounce than the previous one. lol


  1. Rock that oversized shirt hun. I wear that exact same outfit when I'm sick too =) Feel better soon! Xx

    1. Oversized shirts for the win! and Thank you so much!