Friday, March 29, 2013

I cut my hair short

and I regret it so much right now. I don't think I've ever regretted something so much in my life. 

I went to my hairstylist today, and I told him I wanted to cut all my curls off because it has already turned to loose big curls and I actually kind of miss my straight hair.

He told me if I wanted to cut it all off I'll have to cut short hair. Of course my initial reaction was, 'NO!', because my gut instincts told me that I'm not really cut out to have short hair. (pun intended) I think the moral of the story here is to always trust your gut instincts.

But he persuaded me. He said my face shape is suitable for short hair and it won't look as bad as I think it will. He brought out all sorts of magazines and showed me all kinds of short hair dos that will suit me.

He even suggested trying something like Emma Watson's hairstyle. 
I stared at him for the longest time ever when he suggested Emma Watson's hairstyle. Then I asked him...

'Do you even know who you are talking about?'
'Yeah, Emma Watson, you know, the one who acted in Harry Potter.'
'Yes I know who she is! And she's Emma Watson. THE Emma Watson! How in the world can you take her as a reference. She'll look amazing even if she's BALD. I am no Emma Watson okay. There is no way I'm getting a pixie cut like hers.'

Well, I might have overreacted a little. But I got my point across. So he just told me to go for the 'safe' type of short hairstyle, which is a bob. He told me it'll be good for my hair, because the ends are already dry and splitting.

So after discussing for almost half an hour, I finally decided to go with it. I closed my eyes 80% of the time when he was snipping my hair. I couldn't bear to look. Especially when I saw this huge long chunk of hair falling to the ground. I think at that point, my eyes started to become watery. 

After 20 minutes of agony, he told me he was done and when I opened my eyes....I could've just cried right there and then. Seriously. This was definitely NOT  how I pictured how I would look in short hair. I was so tempted to just bend down and grab all my hair off the floor and try to glue them back. T_T  It was really that bad.

So, anyway, I'll show you all the end result.

I think it'll only look decent if I cover up half my face -_- sigh. Why oh why did I do this. I miss my long hair so incredibly much right now.

This was the last photo I took with my long hair. T_____________T I want it back so much.

I used to be able to run my fingers through my hair for a pretty long time because it was quite long, and now.....

I still can.


I'm really really sorry if you got tricked. I honestly have not felt so guilty in such a long time >< If I could die of guilt, I'll probably be dead already. Didn't expect those responses from you all. Especially to those who left nice comments. Thank you, and I'm so so so incredibly sorry. *90 degrees bow*

Here's a picture of a really cute bunny, as an apology from me, in hopes that you'll actually smile when you see it, and not be too angry at me ><

Source: tumblr

If you didn't get tricked, thumbs up to you. One thing about me is that I'm really not brave enough to cut my hair short. At least, not for now.

Then some people I tricked earlier asked me how I did that. Well, my hair is layered, so the front parts of my hair is shorter than the ones at the back, so I tucked all my long hair at the back so that only the short front ones will show.

Once again, I'm really sorry. I love you all. Really <3

Hope you guys will have a great April Fool's Day! 

Have fun going around tricking people. It's the only day  that you can get away with it. *winks*

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