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Konichiwa! That's the title of my blog post by the way. At least, I think it is...if it's wrong, blame Google translate. lol. Before you read on, bear in mind if you cannot stand the thought of girls raving over a cute Japanese guy, then you might want to skip this post. You have been warned.

Yesterday, about 70 Japanese students from Tomita High School visited our school. They needed 20 girls and 50 boys to bring them around the school in pairs. I know a lot of people are wondering how come my class was chosen, to be honest I didn't know the full story till today. This was what happened.

Green - A girl in my class
Blue - A teacher

"Which class has the most girls ah?"
"My class lor teacher, Upper Six Arts 4." (We have 23 girls and 7 guys)
"Oh okay, you know which class is interested in Japanese kind of things?"
"My class la teacher." 
"Okay la, you go and get 20 girls from your class to register so that you all can bring the Japanese students around school when they come."

...And that is how we got chosen.

*Huge thanks to my friend Angie who signed up for me even though I was absent that day!*

Honestly, I wasn't really hyped about it at first, because I thought the Student Council will probably be handling this too and because I have had a similar experience before, hosting students from China during secondary school, and they were all 11-13 years old.

Anyway, back to yesterday. We spent the morning practicing a few words of Japanese here and there. One of my classmates actually managed to get a glimpse of them before we had to go meet them at the hall, and she said, "Looks like they're all younger than us, and I didn't see any handsome guys." The later part was not true. LOL

At 9.30am we entered the hall, and waited for the Japanese students. They came in and we stared at them while they stared at us. lol. Actually, the first person that we (meaning my class girls and I) spotted was their female teacher who is really really pretty with a very cute voice.

And then......suddenly this tall, super fair and handsome guy who looks like an Anime or Japanese comic book character came into view and all of us were like  O__________________________O

Totally launched us into hyper mode. This was part of our conversation.

"OMGOMGOMG guyss look look!!! LOOK at him!"
"Where where?! Which one?!"
"There there!!! THAT ONE LA!!"
"omgomgomg!!! I thought you said there weren't any handsome guys?!"
"ohmygoddddddddddd he looks like an Anime character!"
"He's so handsome ohmygoddddd!!!"

hahaha. Yeah. Well, what did you expect? There were 20 of us okay. We tried our hardest to keep our voices down, but I don't think we did a really good job at that. haha

So we paired up with the Japanese students and none of us got to pair up with the Anime looking guy, much to everyone's disappointment. haha. Anyways, here's a small recap of what we did that day!

Basically we just brought them around school, serving them local delicacies, teach them how to play traditional games and music instruments, trying our hardest to actually engage in a conversation with them.

They are all 17 years old, from Tomita High School, some can actually speak/understand a minimal amount of English while others can't at all.

おはようございます、私はマンディだ (Good morning, I'm Mandy.)
First sentence I said to the girl I paired up with. Bradon taught me that sentence. lol

Later on, we took turns to perform something that represents our country on stage. My school played the Malay traditional music instruments, while they did some traditional thing with bells.

Actually there was this Japanese-American among them and he was doing all the talking and explaining before they performed. But his American accent was so strong that we couldn't understand what he's saying either. Someone said, "Aiyo, we don't understand the ones that speak Japanese, and we don't understand the ones that speak English either." haha. Don't get me wrong, he is very well versed in English, just that his accent made it hard for us to decipher his words.

Teaching them how to play congkak

Them performing

Ready to see the guy we're all raving about?

tadaaa! This is Koji! (Pronouced/Nicknamed Koj, not sure which). He can speak a little bit of English but he said he doesn't really like to. He does not play cosplay, but he did appreciate the fact that we think he looks like an Anime character. haha. We told him he looks like L from Death Note! He was quite nice. He fanned us with his booklet when he saw that we were feeling very hot. *omg* haha. 

There were a few other quite handsome ones, but I thought he was the most unique one. The others were more of a macho type of handsome, which I think Malaysia also got lah. haha. He was more of the pretty boy type of handsome. Rarely seen in Malaysia. XD

Okay okay, I shall not continue raving on about him.

Some random facts I noticed/got to know about them:
  1. Very few of them wear spectacles. (but then they could be wearing contacts)
  2. 99% of the girls have bangs! (I read from somewhere that Japanese guys prefer girls with bangs. haha)
  4. They really really really really like doing the 'peace' sign when taking photos. (We all just followed their lead and doing 'peace' signs in every photo as well. lol)
  5. Facebook is not really popular there.


My partner, Nene!

Akita :)

Super kawai and pretty girl! I forgot to ask what's her name :(

Yoshitaka and Koji

The girls with the Japanese boys

Personally I feel student exchanges are awesome. It's beneficial to both sides (The students on the student exchange program, and the hosts). See, in just a few hours, we got a glimpse into another country with a different language, different cultures, different lifestyles...etc. Hopefully there will be more of these experiences to come, and who knows? We just might be the ones to be part of the program instead of being the hosts the next time around. :)

Needless to say, we were all really sad when they had to leave. But all in all, it was a really good experience and a good day :)

Thank you Malacca High School! 
Thank you Tomita High School!
Thank you Japan!

This is by far the best thing that has ever happened in school.

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