Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chinese New Year Part Four: Gathering with Friends

My most anticipated holiday ever since school reopened, is coming to an end. Currently having post-CNY holiday depression. Can I not go back to school? :(

Anyways, I have been going out every day during the holidays and I'm all bummed out. Thoroughly enjoyed this whole week with my family and friends!

13th February: 

Went to Carmen's open house! There were TONS of good food, which I never took a picture #fail. Her mum makes the BEST mashed potatoes I swear. 100 times better than KFC's. Lol. 

Got to catch up with Brian! Who was my classmate for...3 weeks? Then he quit Form Six and went to Sunway. Great company + great food = WIN!

15th February:

Outing with my girls today! After so much of planning / changing dates / changing venue / changing activities and goodness knows what else. We finally decided to hangout on this date! 

Venue: Jonker Walk 
Activity: Food Hunting

First Stop: Jonker 88

Baba Cendol

Shu Sin. Shu Pey, Yee Nah

Me, Jie Ying, Su Ying

Second stop: Eha at Jonker Walk (It's beside the Orang Utan House)

They are famous for their Yam dessert and Durian drink dessert. But none of us are really durian lovers, so we did not order that.

I forgot what is this called but it's super huge and contains ice shavings with mangoes and dargon fruit. Super Yummy!

Yam dessert with Ginkgo nuts and pumpkin - before it's heated up - 

This is how it looks like after it's heated up.

In my opinion the yam dessert was quite yummy also, but it depends if you're used to eating these kind of desserts or not. It's very sweet! AND HEALTHY. haha

Third Stop: Truly Scrumptious Waffle (Outside of San Shu Gong)


Because Korea have these except it's a little bit bigger with red bean fillings inside. These sold in Jonker Walk are filled with kaya fillings. Tastes very nice also! Especially if you're eating it on a cooler day as it's very hot. 

Last Stop: Starbucks Aeon Bandaraya Melaka

Lol. It was drizzling, so we decided to get away from the rain and go to Aeon. Wanted to catch a movie but the timing wasn't right, so we parked ourselves at Starbucks and took tons of photos.

1 Drink, 6 People. LOL

Ending this post with my favourite Friendship quote.

" True friends isn't about being inseparable, it's about being separated and yet nothing changes." 

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