Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chinese New Year Part Three: Outfits

 Another CNY related post! Outfit post this time =)

This is what I wore for CNY eve dinner at Sechuan Restaurant! Their food was super good!

  • Puffed up silver and black dress - Honey Moon (Dataran Pahlawan)
  • Tattoo stockings - Kam Ho (金河)
  • Nude heels - Charles and Keith
  • Red handbag - Some shop at Aeon
  • Kitty ears headband - Foruchizu

Then later I matched it with my furry cream coloured jacket from Colours because the restaurant was super cold!

They didn't even have the option to turn up the temperature, you can only turn on or turn off the air cond -_-  So I was busy putting on and taking off my jacket whenever they turn on or off the air cond.

Tattoo stockings are my latest obsession! They can make your legs look like you have had a tattoo done AND they can cover up whatever flaws you have on your legs (scars, bruises..etc)

Best of all, it's not that obvious unless you go in for a closer look. Quite cheating actually. Make people think you have nice legs. LOL. 

Love those with tiny details because those stockings with big prints looks kinda fake to me, and its quite cheap, RM18 only :)


Every year on the first day of Chinese New Year, my family have a photo session where everyone will dress up and take family photos together before giving/receiving. 

This is what I wore for the photo session :)

  • White laced diamond studded dress/shorts - Honey Moon
  • Nude heels - Charles and Keith
  • Tattoo stockings - Kam Ho 

That is not a dress. Usually they call shorts which looks like skirts, 'skorts', so am I supposed to call this  'drots'? Since it looks like a dress but it's actually shorts/romper kind of thing. Lol.

It's quite nice except I must be super careful when I wear it so that the diamonds won't get tangled with the lace.

My uncle so conveniently parked his car at the spot where we were taking our photos so I also conveniently go and stand beside his car and take a photo. Haha.

Super awkward pose. Can't even remember what photo I was taking, but that's the camera that is used for all the photos above (except this one. duh) Samsung NX1000 is the brand of the camera.

Credits goes to my super mum for all the photos above (except the one where I was holding the camera). Thankful for a mum who is willing to take all those shots for me. Love you mum <3