Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinese New Year Part One: Likes and Dislikes

After being MIA for so long I can finally sit down and blog.


It's already the 3rd day, where did time go?! Anyways, I decided to write about my Chinese New Year in different parts.

So here it goes, Part One: Likes and Dislikes during Chinese New Year


#1: Family Gatherings

Chinese New Year is the BEST time to meet all my family members, especially all those who are not in Melaka (my dad's side of the family). We always go back to my dad's hometown in Perak and stay a few days there together.

This year our total number was 35 people! (1 Grandma, 6 Uncles, 8 Aunties, 18 Cousins and 2 Great grand children) No idea how am I supposed to get used to a smaller family now.

This was less than half of us, bonding through fried keropok by my cousin and dad while watching <Ah Boys to Men>
Late night talks with the two cousin sistas!

#2: Ang pau (Red packets)

Nobody dislikes ang paus. Except maybe if you were the one to give it Enough said.

#3: Food

Credit goes to my cousin for all these food pictures. 

Have been eating non stop since the eve of CNY till now. Sometimes I eat even though I'm not hungry just because the food is right in front of me. Lol. I never take any food pictures though, one thing is cause I usually eat before even thinking of taking a photo, and another thing is even if I took food pictures, I never upload them ._. So yeah...haha.

Cookies, 8 course dishes, keropok, bak gua, Teluk Intan chee cheong fan...etc. Food (Y)

#4: Fireworks

I really love to watch fireworks and usually one of my cousins will buy back some. But this year, they didn't, but it's okay, there are tons of other people setting them off, and I get to watch them for free. LOL. Love the sparks and all the colours!

#5: Games

No I do not mean gambling. I don't gamble. But I still enjoy playing all the so-called traditional card games with my cousins, like Cho Tai Di, or Black jack. Somtimes it's kind of fun to watch the adults play mahjong too. Need to learn how to play it some day!

#6: CNY Advertisements

Sitting down with the family and watching touching CNY advertisements is the best! Usually Petronas have the best advertisement. This year they came up with the advertisement 'Tau Fu Fah', to be honest, most of us don't really get how that advertisement is supposed to be really touching, but no offence okay, everyone has different opinions. Here's one of my favourite ones this year by BERNAS.


#1: Chinese New Year songs

Don't get me wrong, it's fine if it's only played once in awhile, but seriously, after listening to song after song after song, with almost the same tune and almost the same gets a little bit irritating. I don't know why a month before Chinese New Year, everyone just decides to blast all these stereotype CNY songs for a WHOLE MONTH long. Definitely not a big fan of them. But I did like JinnyboyTV's CNY song.

#2: Firecrackers

We found some 20 year old firecrackers at my grandma's house and decided to give it a go. It worked. But I didn't really like them though, it was way too loud and not as pretty as fireworks. Nevertheless it was kinda okay, watching it with the family. Geez, family makes everything okay. haha

I would add Traffic Jams into my dislikes but thank God we had a very smooth journey to Perak and back! 

That is all, hope everyone is having a great time with your family, friends, loved ones, teddy bears, dogs, cats and rabbits. 

Wishing all 恭喜发财,万事如意,心想事成,身体健康,财源滚滚来!haha

Coming up next, Chinese New Year Part Two: CNY Fun fact 

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