Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chinese New Year Part Four: Gathering with Friends

My most anticipated holiday ever since school reopened, is coming to an end. Currently having post-CNY holiday depression. Can I not go back to school? :(

Anyways, I have been going out every day during the holidays and I'm all bummed out. Thoroughly enjoyed this whole week with my family and friends!

13th February: 

Went to Carmen's open house! There were TONS of good food, which I never took a picture #fail. Her mum makes the BEST mashed potatoes I swear. 100 times better than KFC's. Lol. 

Got to catch up with Brian! Who was my classmate for...3 weeks? Then he quit Form Six and went to Sunway. Great company + great food = WIN!

15th February:

Outing with my girls today! After so much of planning / changing dates / changing venue / changing activities and goodness knows what else. We finally decided to hangout on this date! 

Venue: Jonker Walk 
Activity: Food Hunting

First Stop: Jonker 88

Baba Cendol

Shu Sin. Shu Pey, Yee Nah

Me, Jie Ying, Su Ying

Second stop: Eha at Jonker Walk (It's beside the Orang Utan House)

They are famous for their Yam dessert and Durian drink dessert. But none of us are really durian lovers, so we did not order that.

I forgot what is this called but it's super huge and contains ice shavings with mangoes and dargon fruit. Super Yummy!

Yam dessert with Ginkgo nuts and pumpkin - before it's heated up - 

This is how it looks like after it's heated up.

In my opinion the yam dessert was quite yummy also, but it depends if you're used to eating these kind of desserts or not. It's very sweet! AND HEALTHY. haha

Third Stop: Truly Scrumptious Waffle (Outside of San Shu Gong)


Because Korea have these except it's a little bit bigger with red bean fillings inside. These sold in Jonker Walk are filled with kaya fillings. Tastes very nice also! Especially if you're eating it on a cooler day as it's very hot. 

Last Stop: Starbucks Aeon Bandaraya Melaka

Lol. It was drizzling, so we decided to get away from the rain and go to Aeon. Wanted to catch a movie but the timing wasn't right, so we parked ourselves at Starbucks and took tons of photos.

1 Drink, 6 People. LOL

Ending this post with my favourite Friendship quote.

" True friends isn't about being inseparable, it's about being separated and yet nothing changes." 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chinese New Year Part Three: Outfits

 Another CNY related post! Outfit post this time =)

This is what I wore for CNY eve dinner at Sechuan Restaurant! Their food was super good!

  • Puffed up silver and black dress - Honey Moon (Dataran Pahlawan)
  • Tattoo stockings - Kam Ho (金河)
  • Nude heels - Charles and Keith
  • Red handbag - Some shop at Aeon
  • Kitty ears headband - Foruchizu

Then later I matched it with my furry cream coloured jacket from Colours because the restaurant was super cold!

They didn't even have the option to turn up the temperature, you can only turn on or turn off the air cond -_-  So I was busy putting on and taking off my jacket whenever they turn on or off the air cond.

Tattoo stockings are my latest obsession! They can make your legs look like you have had a tattoo done AND they can cover up whatever flaws you have on your legs (scars, bruises..etc)

Best of all, it's not that obvious unless you go in for a closer look. Quite cheating actually. Make people think you have nice legs. LOL. 

Love those with tiny details because those stockings with big prints looks kinda fake to me, and its quite cheap, RM18 only :)


Every year on the first day of Chinese New Year, my family have a photo session where everyone will dress up and take family photos together before giving/receiving. 

This is what I wore for the photo session :)

  • White laced diamond studded dress/shorts - Honey Moon
  • Nude heels - Charles and Keith
  • Tattoo stockings - Kam Ho 

That is not a dress. Usually they call shorts which looks like skirts, 'skorts', so am I supposed to call this  'drots'? Since it looks like a dress but it's actually shorts/romper kind of thing. Lol.

It's quite nice except I must be super careful when I wear it so that the diamonds won't get tangled with the lace.

My uncle so conveniently parked his car at the spot where we were taking our photos so I also conveniently go and stand beside his car and take a photo. Haha.

Super awkward pose. Can't even remember what photo I was taking, but that's the camera that is used for all the photos above (except this one. duh) Samsung NX1000 is the brand of the camera.

Credits goes to my super mum for all the photos above (except the one where I was holding the camera). Thankful for a mum who is willing to take all those shots for me. Love you mum <3

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chinese New Year Part Two: I am a Wood Dog, what about you?

Fun fact: I just knew that our zodiac signs (dog, pig, horse, snake, rat, tiger...) are actually paired up with elements (fire, earth, water, wood, and metal).

You can click here to find out your zodiac sign and element, then click here to read what it means.

I am a Wood Dog (I told my mum good thing I'm not a Fire Dog, because that just sounds like hotdog to me. haha) 

Hmmm.....some are quite spot on while others not quite. Lol.

This year is actually the Water Snake. And experts say it's not going to be a good year. Coincidentally, there were a lot of mishaps this year.

  • A cousin of mine fell down the stairs on the eve of CNY eve and injured his knee.
  • One of my uncles accidentally lock the key inside the boot of his car along with all the luggage.
  • My cousin-in-law forgotten to bring her luggage.
  • Was eating my brunch when suddenly two young boys (around ages 13 or 14) started to fight close behind me, as in really hit, smack, punch that kind of fight.

But then...

  • My cousin is fine. He can walk, and hopefully his injury is not that serious.
  • 4 hours later, my uncle managed to get hold of a locksmith to open up the car boot.
  • She managed to run to town and get some pretty nice clothes.
  • They didn't hit me. lol.

I'm not superstitious and I believe that you can decide how your year is gonna be like. So, screw what the 'experts' say. Stay positive and be thankful for all the little things, even if life is a little rough on the edges, try to look at the brighter side. Also, remember that everything happens for a reason. :) Cheers to a good year ahead!

Coming up next, Part Three: CNY Outfits

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinese New Year Part One: Likes and Dislikes

After being MIA for so long I can finally sit down and blog.


It's already the 3rd day, where did time go?! Anyways, I decided to write about my Chinese New Year in different parts.

So here it goes, Part One: Likes and Dislikes during Chinese New Year


#1: Family Gatherings

Chinese New Year is the BEST time to meet all my family members, especially all those who are not in Melaka (my dad's side of the family). We always go back to my dad's hometown in Perak and stay a few days there together.

This year our total number was 35 people! (1 Grandma, 6 Uncles, 8 Aunties, 18 Cousins and 2 Great grand children) No idea how am I supposed to get used to a smaller family now.

This was less than half of us, bonding through fried keropok by my cousin and dad while watching <Ah Boys to Men>
Late night talks with the two cousin sistas!

#2: Ang pau (Red packets)

Nobody dislikes ang paus. Except maybe if you were the one to give it Enough said.

#3: Food

Credit goes to my cousin for all these food pictures. 

Have been eating non stop since the eve of CNY till now. Sometimes I eat even though I'm not hungry just because the food is right in front of me. Lol. I never take any food pictures though, one thing is cause I usually eat before even thinking of taking a photo, and another thing is even if I took food pictures, I never upload them ._. So yeah...haha.

Cookies, 8 course dishes, keropok, bak gua, Teluk Intan chee cheong fan...etc. Food (Y)

#4: Fireworks

I really love to watch fireworks and usually one of my cousins will buy back some. But this year, they didn't, but it's okay, there are tons of other people setting them off, and I get to watch them for free. LOL. Love the sparks and all the colours!

#5: Games

No I do not mean gambling. I don't gamble. But I still enjoy playing all the so-called traditional card games with my cousins, like Cho Tai Di, or Black jack. Somtimes it's kind of fun to watch the adults play mahjong too. Need to learn how to play it some day!

#6: CNY Advertisements

Sitting down with the family and watching touching CNY advertisements is the best! Usually Petronas have the best advertisement. This year they came up with the advertisement 'Tau Fu Fah', to be honest, most of us don't really get how that advertisement is supposed to be really touching, but no offence okay, everyone has different opinions. Here's one of my favourite ones this year by BERNAS.


#1: Chinese New Year songs

Don't get me wrong, it's fine if it's only played once in awhile, but seriously, after listening to song after song after song, with almost the same tune and almost the same gets a little bit irritating. I don't know why a month before Chinese New Year, everyone just decides to blast all these stereotype CNY songs for a WHOLE MONTH long. Definitely not a big fan of them. But I did like JinnyboyTV's CNY song.

#2: Firecrackers

We found some 20 year old firecrackers at my grandma's house and decided to give it a go. It worked. But I didn't really like them though, it was way too loud and not as pretty as fireworks. Nevertheless it was kinda okay, watching it with the family. Geez, family makes everything okay. haha

I would add Traffic Jams into my dislikes but thank God we had a very smooth journey to Perak and back! 

That is all, hope everyone is having a great time with your family, friends, loved ones, teddy bears, dogs, cats and rabbits. 

Wishing all 恭喜发财,万事如意,心想事成,身体健康,财源滚滚来!haha

Coming up next, Chinese New Year Part Two: CNY Fun fact 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Homework level : Smartphone

Hello! This post is inspired by the experience I had with my homework using my smartphone recently.

For those who own a smartphone, you know it comes with a lot of apps that you can chat with your friends and share photos, videos like whatsapp, viber, wechat, LINE...etc

So recently I had some trouble finishing up some of my homework (namely PA graphs, because they are just so confusing). Then I wanted to ask some of my friends for help, but discussing these kind of homework through the phone or just by a text is so difficult.

This is where I found out how amazing technology is. Lol. I just take a picture of my homework with my smartphone and send them to my friends via any of the apps mentioned above. (I normally use Whatsapp)

Super convenient ah! Can get straight to the point and your friend can reply you fast too. When I first used this...technique? All I could think of was : "Wah, technology really makes a lot of things easier." 

I know previously we had MMS for sending photos. But seriously, who in the world uses MMS to ask about homework? 

So be proud people! We are the first generation that ever started to use this kind of technology to complete our homework!

Thus, Homework Level = Smartphone

Oh yeah, I know there used to be these graduation memes that are going around saying stuff like this...

But my graduation speech will of course be longer.

"I want to thank Google, Wikipedia, whoever that invented copy and paste, whoever that invented smartphones/tablets and whoever that came up with apps like Whatsapp, LINE, Viber, Wechat....end of thinking capacity. Thank you."

Sounds more sincere and legit to me.