Saturday, January 19, 2013


Brief recap:

Went up to Shah Alam last Saturday for my cousin's wedding! We had a pre-wedding dinner first, and this is what I wore :)

Denim leopard printed shirt - Honey Moon
Black spaghetti strap dress/top - Adore
Peep toe heels - Barry
Shades - Vincci

Then I also had my hair braided by the hair saloon just outside my house. First time doing this kind of braid,  when I took it out later that hair 'exploded'. Lols.

Finally got to meet up most of my family members especially my cousins whom I didn't had the chance to meet during the holidays! Miss them loads <3

Then on Sunday morning, we went through all the traditional Chinese wedding process like 'pick up the bride' and 'tea ceremony'. Of course, we took a picture with the lovely bride :)

So pweetyyy!

After all that, some of us went to One Utama to shop! I BOUGHT SOMETHING FURRY! Which I will take a picture and post it up another time, because I forgotten to take a picture of it and I'm sort of lazy now.hehe

Wedding dinner night!

Let's all take a moment to admire these beautiful purple flowers on the wedding cake. 

They were practically the first thing I saw when I entered the dining hall, and I couldn't take my eyes (and the camera) off them. Proves my undying love for the colour purple.

One more picture with the bride! My dress was from E-collection :)

To sum things up, it was a really nice wedding altogether. Lovely atmosphere, lovely night, lovely people. Congratulations to my dear cousin and welcome my cousin-brother-in-law to our family!

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