Saturday, January 12, 2013

Skin Logic Photo shoot

Last Sunday, I went over to Skin Logic at Melaka Raya to have my first ever photo shoot experience. I was erm...modelling for them? Idk if you can call it modelling since I have absolute zero experience for modelling and I am definitely not a model, so let's just say that I took some photos so that they can use them for their advertisements and such.

Went there at 10.30am and the make up artist got started on my make up.

In case you don't know, those two blue things on my hair are what they used to keep my fringe away from my face, idk what it's called though.

When I saw the fake eyelashes she was gonna put on me, I honestly thought it was too thick and I was kinda afraid it'll be way too fake, but you always have to trust the pros. Haha.

Didn't turn out too bad. (I think. lol) Forgotten to take a before and after look, but seriously the difference is just....too much. I need to learn how to make up after this schooling year now that I have seen its true magic. lol

They didn't do much with my hair, just curled it more. See my eyes? Suddenly look so awake now with all that make up on. AND SHE DID IT WITHIN 10 MINUTES. What kind of sorcery was that?! If I were to draw my eyes like that...I probably would've took about 10 hours.

I changed into 3 outfits in total. The first was the outfit I liked the most, which was my pink maxi dress from E-collection. Forgotten to take a photo of that, so here's an old picture just to let you see what the dress is like.

and then I also wore my other favourite outfit. I'm not too sure what kind of advertisement they're gonna use with this series of photos of this outfit..

Kitty ears hat - Gold Apple
Black spaghetti top - Adore
Red jeggings - Honey Moon

Was trying my best to follow the photographers instructions. Hope it didn't turn out too bad =/

And the last outfit was a student type of look. Also for their advertisement.

Skull singlet with lace at the back - Mico Fashion House
(you can't see it, but...) Denim shorts - Mico Fashion House

I haven't tied up my hair like this since...standard 3? Which was 10 years ago.... ._.

All in all, it was a nice experience, really thankful to have an opportunity like that. Just hoping they weren't too disappointed with my performance, because I was just...really awkward and stiff most of the time ._.

Now, to end this post with one of the photos that they took of me.

Skin Logic's Facebook

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