Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What I can't stand: When driving

Recently I've been driving around a lot and I found out that there are some things I just really can't stand when being on the road, so I'm just gonna vent them out, because I can. lol

Oh, and if you're too lazy to read the whole thing, just read the words highlighted in purple.

  1. Drivers who change lanes suddenly without giving any signals.
    Car signals are NOT an accessory. They are there for a reason. USE THEM PEOPLE. I know some drivers don't bother putting signals when they change lanes while there aren't many cars around or if the car behind is quite far away from them. This I don't really mind. Not saying its right to do that, but still, its better than some drivers who don't put any signals and just SUDDENLY switch to your lane, and you have to step on the brakes to prevent any accidents from happening.
  2. Drivers whose break lights aren't working.
    Dear drivers like that, I am not a psychic. I can't predict when you are stepping on the brakes or not. Especially for not-so-tall drivers like me who drives a not-so-tall car (Proton Wira), I cannot see what's going on way ahead most of the time. I can only see the rear of the car in front of me. So if your break lights aren't working, how am I supposed to know if you're stepping on the breaks to prevent from hitting a cute puppy or just wanting to slow down to check out that hot guy/girl crossing the street or actually wanting to stop because the car in front of you is stopping too?! GET THEM BRAKE LIGHTS FIXED. Sincerely, frustrated not-so-tall-driver-driving-a-not-so-tall-car.
  3. Slow drivers driving on the right lane.
    In case you haven't notice, there's mostly two lanes on every road. Why? Because the left lanes are usually for motorcyclist and slow drivers (driving around 69km/h or less), and the right lanes are for drivers driving around 70km/h and above. Stop hogging the right lane if you're not one to drive fast, most of us don't really want to waste our time tagging behind you because the world is ending in 9 days. I once met an aunty, driving at 30km/h on the right lane. Unbelievable I tell you.
  4. Kepoh drivers.
    A lot of drivers like to slow down whenever they see a car accident. Slow down for what?! You gonna help the people who are involved meh?! You gonna help them pay for the damage meh?! Most of the time, the answer is NO. All you all do, is slow down, stare at the accident and give comments like 'Aiyo, so teruk ah this accident. The front and back of the car also kemek already.' or 'Yeeee, got blood on the road leh!' or 'Wah the two drivers having argument. Probably arguing who is in the wrong. Wah, like wanna fight already leh!'. Honestly people, if you're not planning to stop and help, stop slowing down just to stare. You're just causing unnecessary jams and maybe even causing an accident yourself because your break light isn't working and the not-so-tall-driver-driving-a-not-so-tall-car behind you don't know that you're stepping on the breaks to slow down.
  5. Drivers using high lights unnecessarily or using modified bright white lights.
    Driving at night is tough. Especially if you're a not-so-tall-driver-driving-a-not-so-tall-car like me. When I meet drivers like these, the lights just get into my eyes and I'm temporarily blinded for that few seconds, which is really scary cause I can't see what's in front of me. Why turn on the high lights when you're not stuck on a road without street lamps? Why modify your car's lights, making them unnecessarily bright? I'm pretty sure car makers created the lights of the car just enough for you to be able to see when driving at night at the same time, not blinding other drivers either. Be considerate people.
  6. Drivers who text and call when they drive
    What text or call is just so important that you have to answer it while driving?! Texting can wait. It is so much safer to reply while waiting for a red light than while driving. Don't text while trying to steer the car while trying to keep your eyes on the road all at the same time. Even if you pride yourself in your ability to multitask, may it be a reminder that by doing this, it might be your last time you'll ever get to multitask. No text should be worth more than your life. As for taking calls when driving. The hands-free kit were invented for a reason. By texting and calling when driving (without using the hands-free kit), chances are you will swerve side to side and not noticing the cars in front and at the back of you. This causes accidents. Even if you don't value your own life, there are many others valuing their own. 

I'm sure there's a lot of these 'driving peeves', but that's all I can think for now. Got your own driving peeves too? Leave a comment if you do :)

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