Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stop laughing. It's not funny.

So, a few days ago I logged into my Facebook and saw myself got tagged in a photo. it is

No prizes guessing which is me.
Stop laughing, it's not funny.

Lol. I'm just kidding.
Laugh all you want (cause I did, I laughed like mad).
Also, laughter is the best medicine. So, you're welcome. 
(If you don't get the joke, I meant that I just gave you the best medicine in the world. okay. lame I know. Sorry.)

In exactly one week time, this photo would be 10 years old!
It was taken when my church participated in some Christmas Caroling thing.
The Sultan back then came to this event too! We were on TV3! Cool huh? haha

Oh, if you ever wondered why I needed braces, there's your answer right there.
Gosh I hope my kid doesn't inherit my teeth. lol. Well, unless my future husband has worst teeth than mine.
If your kid has teeth like this next time, be prepared to set aside some money for him/her to get braces okay.
Or, you could just ask him/her to work really hard and earn money to pay for the braces themselves.
It might be a really good motivation! haha
Okay I'm blessed that my parents paid for my braces.

And to you people who were born with straight teeth. YOU BETTER BE VERY THANKFUL.
Some people who have straight teeth (like really really straight and perfect teeth) told me that they want to get braces.
And I was like...


These are some of the answers given to me. Bolded are my response to their answers.

"Want it to be more perfect lah...Can be straighter wan right?"
How straight you want!? If your set of teeth is a curved ruler, can draw a perfect curve already okay!

"Aiyo, got a bit crooked leh" *proceeds to open mouth to show me the non-existent crooked tooth"
Is this some kind of joke? Or are you trying to show me an illusion? I don't get it.

"I see like a lot of people getting braces nowadays."
So if a lot of people jump off a building then you will follow them too is it?

and the most ridiculous one I ever heard...

"Like very pretty leh!"
..................................... *silently thinking of ways I can punch his/her teeth to make it crooked, then he/she can go have braces done with a valid reason*

Let me tell you something, there is NOTHING nice or pretty or trendy about braces.
They are a pain okay. Especially when you go to check ups and the dentist tightens it up for you. (so that your teeth will shift)
The whole teeth shifting process really hurts.
When it isn't too bad, it'll hurt for a day, if its bad, it'll hurt up till one week.
You have to deal with this every month or every two months. Depending on your appointments.
Then during this period of pain:

  • You can't chew. Not even a bit. I am not exaggerating. I usually have to push the food way back into my mouth so that I can use my back teeth to chew.
  • You can't brush your teeth properly. Use even a little bit too much strength, and you'll experience really sharp pains.
  • You can't take solid food. Even though you feel the pain isn't so bad when you take it (especially fruits, like guava), the pain will come back to haunt you. Mark my words. It really will. I woke up from my sleep once because of that. 

Worst part of all that is food will get stuck in between your brackets (those square thingies) or around the wires. It's really uncomfortable cause unless you have a toothpick or a toothbrush, you can't 'unstuck' the food.

Even if your teeth isn't perfectly straight, maybe a little bit crooked here and there, if it's not too noticeable or it doesn't affect you much, then my advice is to not get braces done. There's no need for you to put yourself through that whole painful process.

#Fun fact: I've had my braces for 5 years now
Still think having braces is fun? Go for it and tell me how you like it later :)

P.S: Click the nuffnang ads and I'll pray for you so that your kid doesn't have teeth like mine. lolol. 

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