Friday, December 21, 2012

Portuguese Settlement

Two major events are supposed to happen today. One of them did happen, and one of them did not.

To state the obvious, the thing that DID NOT happen was the world coming to an end.
Yup, still alive and kicking. Gonna watch the movie 2012 again with my mum tomorrow and laugh. hehe
The thing that DID happen was the Winter Solstice festival!
Ate my share of tang yuan (glutinous rice ball) but I didn't take a picture mainly cause I knew a lot of people are gonna take pictures of their tang yuan and post them on various social networking sites, so you're probably seen all the different sorts already. haha. Another thing is cause the tang yuan I ate can be bought from

My grandma came down to visit us in Malacca for a few days and we decided to bring her to Portuguese Settlement today to see the awesome Christmas decorations they have.
Now, if you are a Malaccan and you have not been there during this festive should! At least once.

Why? Well, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Silent colours write better stories than me anyways.

 Little carolers with their sleigh, which is actually a music boombox in disguise! Awesome right? 

 Look harder and you just might be able to see my Kitty Ears Headband from Foruchizu. meow~

 Fairy lights are L-O-V-E

Pretty ain't it?

It's my third time there during Christmas season and the Portuguese never fail to impress me with their Christmas decorations.
Imagine all the effort needed to decorate their houses to look front-cover-magazine worthy.
Oh yes, obviously that place will be packed with people during Christmas eve and Christmas day itself.
So if you wanna avoid the jam, I suggest you go there a few days before Christmas so that you can thoroughly enjoy yourself without needing to push and squeeze your way through the crowd and also being able to take pictures without anyone else in it. hee

I swear I have fallen in love with all the pretty fairy lights 

P.S: All the pictures above are taken by me, except the ones that I'm in of course.

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