Monday, December 31, 2012

Last blessing of 2012

So today is the last day of 2012! I already did my looking back at 2012 post here, because I initially thought that I won't be able to online today. But since something good happened, I decided to write about it! hehe

Met up with the bestie (Ee Ching) today! Can't think of a more perfect way to end the year. 1st day of the year, get to see snow in Seoul, last day of the year, get to meet up with my best friend. What could be better?

Anyways,we decided to go to a restaurant named Row-Six at Aeon Bandaraya Melaka. I have been there 2 times and I really like that place a lot! If you're not sure where it is, its located in between Vivo and Coffee Bean :)

Ee Ching said the both of us almost ate at every restaurant/cafe of that row there together already these two months. Starbucks, Vivo, Coffee Bean and now, Row-Six! (left J-Co and Burger King haven't eat together only. haha)

Okay, so Row-Six serve all types of Asian cuisine there. Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, name it, they got it. We both ordered Vietnamese dishes!

This is mine. Its a Vietnamese Baguette called 'Banh Mi'. Basically its made up of mango slices, chicken ham, pineapple slices with lime chilli sauce, chinese parsley and mix vegetables. They also serve it with keropok! Best of all is it comes in a set, order any baguette and you will get one iced-lemon tea drink for free! My favourite! Only RM9.95, not bad right. The portion is quite big, so its quite filling also (for me

Le happy customer with the delicious baguette. Haven't take photo also eat one bite already. Haha. This is to show that it's really good! 

Then Ee Ching ordered Vietnamese cold noodles with beef! We initially didn't know how much of sauce we should pour, so we slowly put in one spoonful by one spoonful just in case. haha. But then she finally got the combo right and it tasted delish! It costs around RM12, also quite a big portion okay.

The other happy customer! 

As I was saying...the good thing that happened...*drum rolls*...As we were eating halfway, suddenly the supervisor or the manager (I forgotten to ask his position) , came over to my table and told me he is treating us to this meal so we don't have to pay!

 I was like... O____________O 'Omg whyyyy?! Don't want la, very paiseh leh!'

But then, he insisted. haha. Okay actually, I know him wan la, he's not a stranger to me. I used to see him a lot when I was in primary school because I used to join a lot of computer art drawing competitions and he was my computer teacher's friend. After almost 7 years of not seeing him, can't believe he still recognizes me.   

Then I forgot to ask if he was the manager or the supervisor because he didn't wear the same clothes as the other waiters/waitresses. He could be the boss there also for all I know. lol. Next time I go there must remember to ask! And seriously, I'm not saying the food is good just because he treated me and my friend okay. It's really good! I swear! 

Last blessing of 2012! Getting treated to a meal. teehee. Thank youuu to Row-Six so much again! 

and thank you to the best friend for sticking with me for five years already! Hope we have many more 'five years' to come! =D

School is starting one day earlier for me, which means I have to go to school tomorrow because I'm part of the Student Council now and need to help out with the registration of the form ones. Tomorrow going back to school, now only wanna sew my name tag on my uniforms, pro procrastinator is pro procrastinator. lol


Happy 2013 everybody! ;)

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