Sunday, December 9, 2012

KL trip

It has been 6 months since I left Melaka city for another state.
I have been having some rough times so its sort of suffocating to be stuck in this city,
Where I have been to almost everywhere and anywhere.

So my parents decided to bring us all to Kuala Lumpur for a day trip!
And, it wasn't just any day trip, it was a shopping trip! (Hurrah for awesome parents!)

I was so hyped up about going that I couldn't sleep till 3am -.-

One and a half hours car ride later...

Reached our destination - KLCC!
It has been quite awhile since I've been here.
I have forgotten how H-U-G-E this shopping complex is.
Big malls and my completely horrible sense of direction do not go well together.
I think I need some special GPS that's catered for shopping malls in KL only so that I won't get lost. LOL

Surprisingly, it was my dad who got the ball rolling first.
The man that can't even stand shopping for more than 2 hours in Melaka, started to buy stuff from Uniqlo and Mark & Spencer!

My mum and I at Uniqlo. ;)

Some of the stores I went into was Zara and Topshop.
Walked out empty handed.
Not because there wasn't anything I like there,
but as soon as I saw the price tags on the items, I quickly step away from them. Haha.

One example:

*sees shoe that I like*
Me: Oohh! These shoes look nice. 
*picks it up and check out the price tag*
*hurriedly put back on the shelf*
Me: Walk away from the shoes Mandy, just walk away.

I'm serious. It was THAT expensive.
High heeled shoes are around RM200-RM300 per pair, while flats are around RM130+ per pair.
After seeing the price tags, it's kinda hard to take those shoes into liking, no matter how gorgeous/fabulous/unique/amazing they are.

Don't get me started on the clothes there.
Sometimes its not about being able to afford them or not,
its more like, I can get 2 or 3 pieces of nice clothes in Melaka with that kind of price.

The food.
The prices of food even in their Food Court, can be as high as RM10+ per plate.
I'm talking about normal food like Nasi Beriani, Char kuey teow, Nasi lemak...
For that kind of price, its like having a meal in a Cafe in Melaka.

So why call it a shopping trip then if I'm complaining about all the prices?
To be honest, I seldom go to shopping malls in KL.
The last time I went, I was still kind of young and not really into fashion, what more notice the prices on items.
And, this trip was more like a breather for me.
So that I won't feel so suffocated being stuck in Melaka.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my city.
Its just that I think all of us need to have a getaway sometimes, and this was my getaway =)

Despite all that, I did manage to get a shocking pink bag from Brings!
Best of all, it was on sale! Yayyyy!

We headed on to Isetan, and coincidentally saw the Tokyo Fashion Street going on there.
This is where I got really excited cause I know that Audrey and Cheesie have a pop-up store, Foruchizu there.

Used my new bag immediately cause it matches my outfit!
P.S: See that black and white top on the right corner of this photo? (the one with the zig zag patterns) Scroll down later and look out for it.
Oh, I didn't take an outfit of a day photo, so, just from the photo above...

  • Two pieced top - Mico Fashion House
  • Pink cardigan - Mico Fashion House
  • Tattered denim shorts - Honey Moon
  • Bag - Brings
  • Beige sandals (see the second photo) - Fabiano Ricco  

So as I was browsing the store...


omg asdfghjkl! I stared at her for awhile just to make sure its her.
My sister encouraged me to go and approach her.
I'm shy around strangers, what more famous celebrity bloggers ><

She is really slim and pretty!
She was really nice too.

Then we stayed for their Meet and greet the fans section.

Here's me with Audrey and Cheesie!
Audrey is really tiny. haha.
They are really friendly and complemented on my new bag XD heee 

See the top my mum is wearing!?
haha. She bought it and changed into it right there and then.
So, my mum got a polaroid photo with them and a free gift!
Which she gave it to me. Cause...
 its Kitty ears headband!

The quality is really good. 
Might wear it out some time ^^

That's it for my KL trip.
I am really blessed, I know <3

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