Thursday, December 6, 2012

Class Gathering (01)

Finally managed to attend a class gathering.
Missed the last one due to some personal matters, so I was very determined to make it for this one!

This is what I wore:

  • Tiger Jacket - Honey Moon
  • Black spaghetti strap - Kitschen 
  • Denim shorts - Mico Fashion House
  • Studded diamond necklace - F Block

So we met at Aeon Bandaraya Melaka (JJ) at 10.30am.
There were altogether 11 of us (but there's only 10 in the picture cause one of them went home before we managed to take a picture =( )
Many couldn't make it cause they were studying in other states while some went on holiday trips.

Went to eat at Vivo Pizza.
Their pizza is delish! 
Didn't take a picture of our food though cause we're all starving and Instagram was forgotten. LOL

But I did went there with my family a few months back and I did took a picture of the pizza we had back then.

This is the exact pizza we had during our gathering too. (Well, one of the few pizzas we had anyway)

So we sat down and chit chatted, updating each other on our personal lives.
Basically just girl talk. Or in other words, gossiping. Haha.

Oh, the manager at Vivo Pizza was kinda creepy-ish.
Kept walking around our table and giving us this weird creepy smile.
One of my friends had to fight down the urge to ask him, 'May I help you Mr.Manager?' LOL

Anyway, later on we got down to some serious business.
Haha, okay, this is not that serious. (But we did get down to some serious business later on!)
One very good thing about Vivo Pizza besides their awesome food is the amount of mirrors they have in that place.

There were mirrors everywhere!
So we managed to take group pictures by ourselves.
Kinda shy to ask the staff to take for us.
(In the end, we did ask them to take for us, but the photo didn't turn out great, so...yeah)

Oh, one bad thing though, it was in the afternoon and the sun was really bright, so the lighting was really really REALLY bright. 
Thus, the not so good lighted pictures. =/

As you can see, some pictures turned out okay, that's cause we went over to Coffee Bean to talk some more!

And this is where we got down to some really serious business.

*drum rolls*



I know its way too early to discuss this kinda things for us.
(oh oh! One of my primary classmates is getting married next year. I'm serious. I am sooo not joking. He is getting married next year! Married at 19. Wow. Just. Wow)

Okay back to my story. For us, its just really way too soon to discuss the probabilities of getting married.
Since like around 80% of us are still single.
Single ladies FTW. for now

So, we drew our 'Class Map'
Which was how we were seated in class during our whole Form Five year.
Forgive my oh-so messy handwriting.
I swear my handwriting isn't usually this bad.

So for those whose names are marked with a dot, are the 'candidates' whom we think are eligible of getting married sooner than the rest of the class.

Yup, my name is dotted. LOL
(that awkward moment when you don't have a boyfriend yet you are chosen)

Then, we nominated 5 people that we think will most likely get married first.
So in 8 or 10 years time (maybe even sooner!), we might just see how accurate is our prediction. *grins*

Ending my post with something totally unrelated as to what I wrote.
But I don't care cause Ryan Higa is too cute.

And below is one of my absolute favourite videos!

No matter how many times I watch it, it gets me. Every time. 

   So cute! *gushing*

okayishouldreallystoprightnow. watchthevideoalright. kthxbye.                    


  1. gorgeous outfit! i love that jacket! :)