Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Girl's day out

Okay so I finally managed to go on a girl's day out with the besties today!
Granted not all were present, but its better than nothing I suppose.
Can't wait to have a full gathering soon!

As usual, this is what I wore today..
  • Leopard printed denim top - Honey Moon (a shop in DP)
  • Faded and tattered denim pants - Honey Moon
  • Ballet flats - Mico Fashion House
Hah! There. Finally an outfit of the day where I remember the names of the shop I bought my stuff from. 

Good job Mandy. 
*high fives myself*

 LOL okay. Have been watching too many Ryan Higa YouTube vids
If you guys have never seen any of his videos, YOU SHOULD. 
He's hilarious, plus he's hot. Okay. Nuff said.

Back to my awesome day out.
We originally planned to go to Casa de Cafe at first, but then at the last minute, I saw the pic below when I was scrolling through Facebook on my smart phone.

And I was like...

So I began calling the girls asking them if we could change our venue to STARBUCKS
Obviously, they said yes.
Malaysians love free stuff. What more free Starbucks drinks? Fact proven.

 Queued up for almost half an hour before managing to get these babies.
Still totally worth it! 
Don't you just love the number on the receipt? I do! ;)

Really enjoyed myself today.
Basically we talked and laughed for hours over our drinks.

Can't disclose any information here though. 
Girl talks are Private&Confidential. *winks*

Ee Ching 

 Shu Pey 

Yee Nah ♥ 

"Being best friends isn't about being inseparable, it's about being separated and yet nothing changes" - Unknown

Can't wait till our next gathering! 
Till next time ;) xoxo

P.S: I think I really need to have my bangs back. 
This side fringe thing is sooo not working out for me

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