Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Adrenaline rush

I had Economy tuition yesterday at it starts at 4pm.
We were all sitting down waiting for tuition to start, when suddenly 20+ people stood up and rushed out of class.

The first thought that came to my mind was,
'O..kay, why so many people rushing for the toilet when tuition was just about to start'
But then a student told the teacher that a person from MBMB was downstairs issuing out parking tickets!
...and then...


Yes, we were literally running like that.
Down 3 flights of stairs to get to our cars.

There were at least 25 of us I think.
But only two people got a ticket (or in other words, 'kena saman').
Poor fellas.
One of them was my friend. So unlucky.

Anyway, after putting our parking coupons or parking somewhere else, we all resumed to our tuition.LOL
Talk about adrenaline rush right before tuition.
Kept us all awake throughout that 3 hours . haha ;)

P.S: Had a #YOLO moment with the buddy today
Not wise to state it here though.
Maybe I will blog about it someday....
Like...a year later...haha 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snap and win!

So I still haven't fully recovered from the 'shingles' yet. But I'm getting better. At least the pain is slowly going away now.

I went shopping with my mother and my brother today.


  • Black spaghetti strap top - Kitschen
  • Tattered denim shorts - Honey Moon
  • Cardigan - Ode to Style Fashion House
  • Black bag (which you can't really see it ><) - Mico Fashion House
  • Brown boots - some shop in Korea
  • Owl necklace - Vintage Style

We were actually at Dataran Pahlawan and Hatten Square to enter a contest which I will explain later on in this post, so read on if you want to stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, a GPS navigator or a Polaroid camera!

Anyway these are the hauls of the day.

Studded diamond necklace from F Block which only costs me RM17. 
Well actually it was RM19, but since one of the diamonds fell off , they gave me a 10% discount.
Still thought it was worth it despite the defect, don't think I'll be able to get accessories like this for this kind of price

Then I bought a black spaghetti strap dress cum top from Adore. 

And just like that I'm officially RM50 poorer. *sobs*

So, thankfully, my mum paid for the item below.

 New sandles from Fabiano Ricco. YAY! Thanks mum :*

Finally, some flats of my own that I can match my clothes with when I go out so that I don't have to wear heels all the time.

Okay, so as I was saying, the contest.
It's called 'Insta Dazzles Photo Contest'
This contest is organized by Dataran Pahlawan and Hatten Square.

Its actually very simple, just follow the steps below and you stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, or a Garmin Navigator Nuvi 1250, or a Fujifilm Intax Mini 7s.

  1. Follow @dataranpahlawan and @hattensquare on Instagram
  2. Take a photo of the Christmas decorations at Dataran Pahlawan (It's at the centre around the stage) with the caption #dpdazzles #christmas @dataranpahlawan
  3. Take a photo of the Christmas Decorations at Hatten Square (it's at the entrance) with the caption #hsdazzles #christmas @hattensquare 
  4. Upload both of the photos to your Instagram account 

    and... that's it! Just follow the few simple steps above and you might just win any of the prizes stated.

    Here are my photos:



@Hatten Square

You are allowed to enter more than one entry, so the more the entries, the higher chances of winning!
Oh, make sure your Instagram account is public too.

Contest ends on 31st December. So hurry! ;D

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I'm currently sick now and am having the shingles. 
In Chinese, its called 生蛇. (if translated directly it's called growing snakes)
According to this website, shingles is a painful skin rash. 
It is caused by the varicella zoster virus (which is also known as the chicken pox virus) and it usually appears in a band or a strip on the face or any part of the body. 
In my case, its on my left arm and it looks like....

 This might not seem too gross, but if you take a look at it closely,
Its like tiny little red lumps all over and it really hurts.
Its giving me sharp pains on and off.
Kinda like someone poking you with a knife over and over again on the same spot. =(
It comes to the point where it hurts so bad that I only got 2 hours of sleep last night.

Anyway, I went to see a skin doctor today and after he saw my condition he asked me,
'Do you have diabetes or any other medical condition?'
And I was like, 'No.'
Then he asked if I had the chicken pox before and if I was stressed out recently.
Yes to both questions. No thanks to the education system about the stressed out thing.

If you've studied Biology before you probably know that the chicken pox virus doesn't go away even after you've recovered. (I got it when I was like 5 or 6 years old by the way)
The virus just kinda hibernates in your body.


Chicken pox virus + Stress + Weak immune system = Shingles

Its contagious but you can't get the shingles from someone that has them.
But if you have never gotten the chicken pox before...and if you come close to me...
There's a small chance that you might get it. 
Thank God my whole family has gotten it before.

And here's the part I hate the most about being sick. Medication.

 You know what's ridiculous? The cost of my medicines is at least worth 10 Starbucks drinks. TEN!
I'm not even exaggerating.

I have trouble swallowing huge pills.
So I have to crush them and mix them with water just to take them.
I know, its gross, but I don't really have a choice. 

Oh, and the Chinese tend to say that if the 'snake' grows one round around your body, you will die. 
lol okay doubt I'll die cause of this.
Anyway my doctor said that since I'm young I'll recover fast.
Might take about a week for it to fully recover.

Well now I'm just hoping that this pain will stop.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Girl's day out

Okay so I finally managed to go on a girl's day out with the besties today!
Granted not all were present, but its better than nothing I suppose.
Can't wait to have a full gathering soon!

As usual, this is what I wore today..
  • Leopard printed denim top - Honey Moon (a shop in DP)
  • Faded and tattered denim pants - Honey Moon
  • Ballet flats - Mico Fashion House
Hah! There. Finally an outfit of the day where I remember the names of the shop I bought my stuff from. 

Good job Mandy. 
*high fives myself*

 LOL okay. Have been watching too many Ryan Higa YouTube vids
If you guys have never seen any of his videos, YOU SHOULD. 
He's hilarious, plus he's hot. Okay. Nuff said.

Back to my awesome day out.
We originally planned to go to Casa de Cafe at first, but then at the last minute, I saw the pic below when I was scrolling through Facebook on my smart phone.

And I was like...

So I began calling the girls asking them if we could change our venue to STARBUCKS
Obviously, they said yes.
Malaysians love free stuff. What more free Starbucks drinks? Fact proven.

 Queued up for almost half an hour before managing to get these babies.
Still totally worth it! 
Don't you just love the number on the receipt? I do! ;)

Really enjoyed myself today.
Basically we talked and laughed for hours over our drinks.

Can't disclose any information here though. 
Girl talks are Private&Confidential. *winks*

Ee Ching 

 Shu Pey 

Yee Nah ♥ 

"Being best friends isn't about being inseparable, it's about being separated and yet nothing changes" - Unknown

Can't wait till our next gathering! 
Till next time ;) xoxo

P.S: I think I really need to have my bangs back. 
This side fringe thing is sooo not working out for me

Monday, November 12, 2012

Chachi Gonzales and Ian Eastwood

I swear they look so cute together. 
I should probably stop replaying this for the 452468123th time today.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Okay so STPM round 1 is officially over and holidays have just begun.

Reality: "Finally...*worries about the results*"

It's not over yet. The journey is a long one and I've just got started. If I'm lucky, I'll still have two more semesters to go, Can you just feel my enthusiasm? 

Okay, enough depressing thoughts. Cross the bridge when it comes right?

Anyway, I went shopping with my mum yesterday to get rid of all those post exam blues.

  • Polka dot semi transparent top - random shop in DP
  • Red bag - random shop in DP
  • High waisted shorts - random shop in DP
  • red bangle - 'forgot where my mum bought it'
Obviously I really suck at remembering the names of the shops. I'll try to remember at least a few next time. And obviously, this picture wasn't taken yesterday, as you can see, my hair is straight, but now it's curly. But this was definitely what I wore yesterday, with the exception of the stockings.

 Sometimes I kinda miss my straight hair. Although, having permanent curls is awesome. You don't have to blow it/style it for you to have a good hair day. Basically you just wash your hair, wait for it to dry, and tadaaa! Good hair day. 
 I love my curls. People tell me that curls makes one look more mature (a nicer way of saying older), honestly, it depends on what type of curls you go for. Mine is digital perm by the way. Done by Steven of Intensive.

Anyway, back to my day of shopping. Basically walked around Hatten Square cause I've never really explored that whole building thoroughly. Found some pretty neat shops and bought a cardigan from one of them. I forgot to take a picture of it, and now its in the wash, all soggy and wet. >< I'll upload it some other time.

Then we head over to DP to my favourite shop - Honey Moon.
Most of my clothes nowadays are from there. That shop is just love. Enough said.

Bought this new jacket from Honey Moon! I've never tried a style like this before, so....rawr! LOL. Okay. Sorry. I'm weird, I know.
Then went to Blackball and ate their signature dessert!
Tried it with ice shavings this time cause the last time we ate this, we ordered it 'hot', which wasn't really hot, just lukewarm, and it doesn't taste that good.
This tastes waaaaay better with ice shavings.

Headed home earlier than I wanted to cause I had tuition. Tuition right after exams, I have no life, I know.

On another note, since my 18th birthday is coming up, my mum asked me what I wanted for my birthday/Christmas. To be honest, I have no idea what I want. 

Found this picture of me and my cousin during last year's Christmas/17th birthday. Can't wait for Christmas to come soon =)