Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hi Hey Hello

Have been inspired to once again start blogging. Let's hope it sticks this time, or else this would probably be my last try.

So, I'm currently studying in form six. 

Seriously wondering why I chose this path now. This semester system is killing me. No, I'm not exaggerating. It really is a killer.

STPM is just a week away even though I just started form six in May.
Trying to keep all negative thoughts at bay.
Just cross the bridge when it comes right?

As usual, I'm already planning on things to do after STPM.

To do list:
  • Hangout with my girl friends! We're all separated in different parts of Malaysia. Can't wait to see them all again!
  • Shopping and movies! Definite must.
  • Fulfill my cravings. Satay Celup, Klebang Coconut Shake, Jonker walk cendol...etc (end of thinking shall update this list as I go)
  • KL trip. For the umpteenth time I missed KL trips to my cousin's place due to exams. Gotta meet up my favourite cousie and also maybe go 'browse' around H&M and Forever 21 XD

There should be more to this to do list, but I think for now, this shall do.

Can't wait for this huge mountain of stress to be blown over. 

Before I forget, this was my outfit of the day (OOTD) when my whole family went out for Japanese food last Friday.
  • Off shoulder top - random shop in Dataran Pahlawan
  • MANGO singlet
  • Leggings - random shop in One Utama
  • Heels - Barry

    Okay I should do a better job in remembering the name of the stores which I bought my clothes from, and a wider full length mirror is now part of the top 3 in my wish list. teehee 

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