Monday, December 31, 2012

Last blessing of 2012

So today is the last day of 2012! I already did my looking back at 2012 post here, because I initially thought that I won't be able to online today. But since something good happened, I decided to write about it! hehe

Met up with the bestie (Ee Ching) today! Can't think of a more perfect way to end the year. 1st day of the year, get to see snow in Seoul, last day of the year, get to meet up with my best friend. What could be better?

Anyways,we decided to go to a restaurant named Row-Six at Aeon Bandaraya Melaka. I have been there 2 times and I really like that place a lot! If you're not sure where it is, its located in between Vivo and Coffee Bean :)

Ee Ching said the both of us almost ate at every restaurant/cafe of that row there together already these two months. Starbucks, Vivo, Coffee Bean and now, Row-Six! (left J-Co and Burger King haven't eat together only. haha)

Okay, so Row-Six serve all types of Asian cuisine there. Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, name it, they got it. We both ordered Vietnamese dishes!

This is mine. Its a Vietnamese Baguette called 'Banh Mi'. Basically its made up of mango slices, chicken ham, pineapple slices with lime chilli sauce, chinese parsley and mix vegetables. They also serve it with keropok! Best of all is it comes in a set, order any baguette and you will get one iced-lemon tea drink for free! My favourite! Only RM9.95, not bad right. The portion is quite big, so its quite filling also (for me

Le happy customer with the delicious baguette. Haven't take photo also eat one bite already. Haha. This is to show that it's really good! 

Then Ee Ching ordered Vietnamese cold noodles with beef! We initially didn't know how much of sauce we should pour, so we slowly put in one spoonful by one spoonful just in case. haha. But then she finally got the combo right and it tasted delish! It costs around RM12, also quite a big portion okay.

The other happy customer! 

As I was saying...the good thing that happened...*drum rolls*...As we were eating halfway, suddenly the supervisor or the manager (I forgotten to ask his position) , came over to my table and told me he is treating us to this meal so we don't have to pay!

 I was like... O____________O 'Omg whyyyy?! Don't want la, very paiseh leh!'

But then, he insisted. haha. Okay actually, I know him wan la, he's not a stranger to me. I used to see him a lot when I was in primary school because I used to join a lot of computer art drawing competitions and he was my computer teacher's friend. After almost 7 years of not seeing him, can't believe he still recognizes me.   

Then I forgot to ask if he was the manager or the supervisor because he didn't wear the same clothes as the other waiters/waitresses. He could be the boss there also for all I know. lol. Next time I go there must remember to ask! And seriously, I'm not saying the food is good just because he treated me and my friend okay. It's really good! I swear! 

Last blessing of 2012! Getting treated to a meal. teehee. Thank youuu to Row-Six so much again! 

and thank you to the best friend for sticking with me for five years already! Hope we have many more 'five years' to come! =D

School is starting one day earlier for me, which means I have to go to school tomorrow because I'm part of the Student Council now and need to help out with the registration of the form ones. Tomorrow going back to school, now only wanna sew my name tag on my uniforms, pro procrastinator is pro procrastinator. lol


Happy 2013 everybody! ;)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rewind and Freeze: 2012

As the year is drawing to a close, I think that its important to review what I've been through this whole year, see the new experiences I went through and lessons I learned that made me who I am today.

2012 has been do I put this...erm...a challenging year. Yes, that would be the appropriate word. Life has its ups and downs, sometimes more downs than ups, but I know that focusing and appreciating on the good things that happened is the way to go. So here are the highlights for 2012 :)

Oh yes, Thank God for Facebook Timeline, it definitely played the biggest part in the making of this post. lol. 



#Snow in Seoul

So my family and I went to Korea late last year till early this year. Korea is where I experienced snow/winter for the very first time in my life. It was a very nice and different experience considering our country has only two 'seasons' which are 'summer' and 'rain-er'? lol. 

I was really excited to see the snow on the ground for the first few days on the trip but on 1.1.2012... IT STARTED SNOWING. I remembered we were in a ginseng shop and someone from our tour group went to the toilet, looked out the window (yes there was a window in the toilet) and came back and yelled that it was snowing. We ran out of the store like... 

this. LOL. Even though it was only snowing lightly, we were all really really really excited. But after that when  we went to a palace, it started snowing really heavily and looked like...

this. (That's me putting down my specs just to take a nice photo but it didn't turn out too well. wth. lol. Should've just held it in my hands or should've just freaking wore it.) Anyways, I thought it was really romantic watching the snow fall like that. It'll be more enjoyable if it wasn't so cold though. The coldest I experienced there was -16 Celsius okay.


#Working life

I think my biggest accomplishment of the year was getting a part time job. I worked at a boutique named LNF at Aeon Bandaraya Melaka for 2 and a half months. Even though it was a really short time but I learned a lot of new things, get to know what it feels like to get my first ever salary, get a glimpse of how working in the outside world feels like, learn how to deal with all sorts of people, learn how to spend my money wisely etc etc. My coworkers were amazing, and I had a very enjoyable time there thanks to them.


#SPM results

Doomsday month. lol. Kidding. Got my SPM results and when I first got hold of my results slip, I started looking at my results from the bottom because I knew that there would be a B+ there. It was Chinese, and it was expected so I wasn't surprised about it. But then...I looked up some more and I saw another B+ and I was like, hold up, what subject is this?! 

Chemistry. I guess I should've known better because my Chemistry was always on the weak side, but I was really upset about it for the whole day, and then I realized I was really stupid because instead of being happy for the 8A's I got, I was crying over 2B's.

In maths 8 > 2 right? So yeah, as I said earlier, focus more on the good stuff instead of the bad and appreciate it. :)

#P-Licensed driver

I am so glad to finally have my driver's license. I CAN FINALLY DRIVE. I don't have to depend on my mum, my dad, my sister or my brother to ferry me up and down to wherever I wanted/needed to go. All I need is a car and I am off! Thank youuuu for more freedom. I was really glad I passed everything on the first try too, and even more glad I didn't give any forms of bribery at all because it's so not worth it.


*nothing much happened in April so I'm skipping to May*

  • MAY
# Form Six

This is the month where I finally made my decision to further my education with Form Six. Took up Arts Stream instead of Science because I didn't think that my foundation in Chemistry was that strong, so I don't want to torture myself with that subject. 

Everything was new. New school, new teachers, new friends, new system, new subjects, new everything! I took a lot of time to adjust to all these new things, well actually I still kind of am adjusting. They say that Form Six was supposed to be the best years of the whole high school experience, I hope this is true.


*June and July was basically me just trying to adjust to my form six life, so nothing interesting*

#Hello curls

I have only done two drastic changes to my hair in my entire life. The first was getting bangs in 2009. The second, was this year's August, which was getting permanent curls. Soft digital perm to be exact.

I am not gonna lie, I do miss my long straight hair at times. But I don't have any regrets about getting a permanent perm, frankly because it's so much easier to maintain and it doesn't look too bad either. So, this shall be my hairstyle till...I don't know when. I get really scared when it comes to making changes to my hair, so this is probably gonna stick around for a while. haha


#Glam up

My cousin brother got married this month! Since it was a grand wedding, we were preparing months ahead for this day. From hair, make up, dress, shoes, clutches and even nail polish, we were preparing them all. It's the first time for me being all glam up for a wedding. Even got a professional to help do my hair and make up. I told my mum it was kind of fun, and then she said :"Of course you would think its fun lah, you're not the one paying for it also." LOL =P


*Was busy preparing for STPM Round One for October and November, that's boring, so skipping those two months*

#The world didn't end

No surprises there. Lol.

#Turning 18/Christmas

Christmas is forever the best part of the year to me, and I'm not just saying this because it so happens to be my birthday too. Everything is so festive and so pretty and happy when Christmas is around the corner. I don't know, maybe its just me, but I always think that Christmas makes everything okay again even if its not. Since this is turning out to be a longer post than I expected, click here to read about my Christmas day/being officially 18, or here to check out the amazingly pretty Portuguese Settlement. Oh and before I forget, click here to read how to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab! Contest ends tomorrow, so hurry!


I guess that pretty much sums up my whole 2012. I'm grateful for all the good and the bad that has happened this year. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Everything happens for a reason, I believe in that. :)

Oh and this is how I'm gonna usher in 2013 :)

Saw this on tumblr and I thought it's pretty cool. Gonna add dates to the notes so that I can remember what day it was as well.

Happy New Year everyone! (in advance) Forget the bad, cherish the good, and be ready for a fresh new start :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Merry Christmas! 
Haha okay I'm a day late, but I was too busy yesterday as I was almost outside the whole day celebrating my birthday/Christmas day. So here's how my Christmas day/birthday went.

My church had a simple service-cum-luncheon at El Sanctuary in the morning.
This is what I wore:

Black laced top - Honey Moon
Red jeggings - Honey Moon
Black laced cardigan - Mico Fashion House
Black wedges - Padini
Red kitty ears hat - Birthday gift from my sister
Red chunky arm candy - Can't remember where I got it from
Black bag - Mico Fashion House

The Christmas service was a little different this year. There wasn't any preaching, just song leaders giving testimonies about the Christmas carols they chose and what the song means to them.
Kind of interesting to hear their point of view. =)

 and this was our lunchhhhhh!
Cooked by celebrity chef Sherman! Who is also the eldest son of the owner of El Sanctuary.
Looking at this picture makes me crave for the food there again.
There were at least 7 different types of dishes!
If I have to rate it, I'll give 1000 over 10. Not even exaggerating.

and this is Sherman's son Benjamin!
I really have a thing for little kids. lol.
Especially when they are toddlers. Super cute.
Oh in case you're wondering, they are Eurasians, hence the blonde hair.
Was so lucky to get him to pose for the photo. He was actually really busy playing with the Christmas decorations. haha

Show you guys one more picture taken with another cutie during a Christmas party.
This is Evie! 
The trick to getting a photo with her is to give her your smart phone so that she'll sit on your lap. haha

Okay back to Christmas day.

A friend of mine baked me a red velvet cake. Have always wanted to try red velvet cake and now I have.

So after the lunch and cake, I took one picture with the lovelies before going back home =)


My family headed to Wa Zen Japanese Restaurant for dinner before proceeding over to Haagen Dazs for some dessert!
Not uploading any pics from Wa Zen cause it's all pictures of food. lol

 Practicing while waiting for them to serve the chocolate fondue at Haagen Dazs cause I have a shooting in January.

 Lol. Fail.

Anywaysss. Ice cream time!

We were all really stuffed from eating so much, so its time to head back home and cut my Baskin Robbins ice cream cake!

 Made 3 wishes and blew out the candles!
Have yet to learn how to not look funny while blowing out candles. lol
To be honest I was blowing them really slowly so that my sis can 'capture the moment'. haha. But all in one breath! So my wishes still can come true, right?
Love that she got the smoke effect in the last picture!

 Oh yes, thank you all for the lovely gifts! Not sure if I took pictures of every gift but I really really like all of them! Funny how I got everything I wanted and more!

Top row (left to right): Spongebob pyjamas (yes! A blue spongebob), Mustache necklace (So pretty!), Purple handphone casing (Have been wanting this for a loooong time! yay!)

Bottom row (left to right): Card reader (At first I thought it was a sharpener or an eraser.haha. But its so cute right?!), Face mask (YAY!), Lip gloss and lip brush (This shall be my motivation to learn how to make up! Lol. I'm really lazy when it comes to make up seriously.)


Honestly can't believe I'm 18 already! (Hence the title 'The big one-eight')
Say goodbye to 'only 18 and above can enter type of contests' or '18 and above movies'
Helloooo to clubbing and drinking! ;)
Lol. I'm kidding. Clubs and pubs are not my thing.

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better 18th Birthday/Christmas day.
In the midst of celebrating, never forget the true meaning of Christmas, which is...
 God gave his beloved son Jesus to us =)
Thank you everyone for all the wishes and for making this day so memorable for me.
I really appreciate every single one of them whether it was through a phone call, texts, Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter. You guys made my day!
So happy that I got wishes from everyone who truly mattered =)
Oh and thank you to all the koperasi members who sang a birthday song to me today!
I am really truly richly blessed this year 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Portuguese Settlement

Two major events are supposed to happen today. One of them did happen, and one of them did not.

To state the obvious, the thing that DID NOT happen was the world coming to an end.
Yup, still alive and kicking. Gonna watch the movie 2012 again with my mum tomorrow and laugh. hehe
The thing that DID happen was the Winter Solstice festival!
Ate my share of tang yuan (glutinous rice ball) but I didn't take a picture mainly cause I knew a lot of people are gonna take pictures of their tang yuan and post them on various social networking sites, so you're probably seen all the different sorts already. haha. Another thing is cause the tang yuan I ate can be bought from

My grandma came down to visit us in Malacca for a few days and we decided to bring her to Portuguese Settlement today to see the awesome Christmas decorations they have.
Now, if you are a Malaccan and you have not been there during this festive should! At least once.

Why? Well, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Silent colours write better stories than me anyways.

 Little carolers with their sleigh, which is actually a music boombox in disguise! Awesome right? 

 Look harder and you just might be able to see my Kitty Ears Headband from Foruchizu. meow~

 Fairy lights are L-O-V-E

Pretty ain't it?

It's my third time there during Christmas season and the Portuguese never fail to impress me with their Christmas decorations.
Imagine all the effort needed to decorate their houses to look front-cover-magazine worthy.
Oh yes, obviously that place will be packed with people during Christmas eve and Christmas day itself.
So if you wanna avoid the jam, I suggest you go there a few days before Christmas so that you can thoroughly enjoy yourself without needing to push and squeeze your way through the crowd and also being able to take pictures without anyone else in it. hee

I swear I have fallen in love with all the pretty fairy lights 

P.S: All the pictures above are taken by me, except the ones that I'm in of course.