Thursday, December 29, 2016

October in Taiwan Part 2 (Recap)

Only 20+ days left here in Taiwan! This is Part 2 of my October Recap, read Part 1 here if you haven't yet :D

My family actually came to Taiwan at the end of October, so we booked a package from FunTaiwan and traveled around Taipei. 


Personally I felt that ChongShe Flower Market (中社花海) is much better, as you can see from my picture, you see more green leaves than the colours of the flowers, so, it's not really a spectacular sight. But we did bought honey and pollen which is supposedly good for your body here. 


This was a very failed YangMingShan trip because it was raining, and freezing, there was so much mist that we can't see anything at all. I am also covering my nose because we went to this part that had sulphur there and gosh the smell was awful! 

Pro tip: Only visit YangMingShan when the weather is good.


This is by far the prettiest old street I've ever been to in Taiwan! Really old school kinda place, I would recommend you guys to go if you have the chance. The most famous thing there is the bull's horn croissants. They taste really good :D


It is SO gorgeous here! and it's super windy too. The Queen's Head is definitely the most popular attraction to see, hence, hard to avoid people in the background. Apparently they said it's gonna break off anytime soon because the part of her neck is getting thinner.


One of the prettiest waterfalls I've ever seen! It's really beautiful and according to our driver, the water used to be brown-ish, so when the sun shines on the waterfall it looks golden, hence the name.


and then when the water from the Golden waterfall flows into the sea, it created this double colored sea effect which they called in the Yin Yang Sea. It is really a very clear line of the brownish water vs the blue sea water. 


This was the first time I'm seeing JiuFen at night despite it being the 3rd time I've been here, and I must say that the saying of "九份越夜越美" is really true! We bought the most 土产 here, especially their snacks, like 猪纸皮, Seaweed biscuits, 姜母茶...etc.

 (YILAN 宜兰)


I HIGHLY recommend visiting this museum, not only is it pretty on the outside, but the inside is very very awesome! Also it's so cheap! Less than RM15 for students, and less than RM20 for normal adults. Considering this museum has 4 floors (You can't tell from the outside eh?) The museum is all about Yilan and it's history, and it's also very interactive, so it was extremely interesting and entertaining.

MR. BROWN'S CAFE 伯朗咖啡馆 (酒保咖啡馆)

 Then we headed to a castle on top of a hill, which is actually a cafe. The drinks there are mostly coffee and it was not bad, price wise it is slightly cheaper than Starbucks. Also, you get to see the whole view of Yilan from the top.

礁溪温泉公园 & 噶玛兰威士忌

For Jiao Xi Hot Springs, we only went to the part where it was open air and everyone just dipped their legs. The water wasn't very hot, and quite nice after walking for almost the whole day.

The Kalavan Whisky Distillery is owned by Mr Brown (yes, the cafe owner), and we got a free tour of the place.


Jimmy is quite a popular artist in Taiwan and now has his own park filled with his art. It was quite fun taking pics with all the different characters and paintings.

So this pretty much sums up my whole trip with my family, and that's a wrap for my October Recap! :)

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P.P.S: If you're wondering why I don't have pics of my family, it's because I have decided not to post them on public platforms anymore.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

October in Taiwan Recap (Part 1)

This is a long overdue update, and I have no excuse for this >< Finally writing all of this down before my exchange program actually ends. I do only have 1 month plus here left. 

So, this is a summary of where I went and what I did during the month of October. Split it into 2 parts because October was quite happening la. haha.


Couldn't have chosen a hotter day to come here because it was really HOT. Think I got 3 times darker after this day. Sunset was great but other than that we didn't really explored much because we realized we had to walk super far to get to certain places, and under this hot sun, just, no thanks. 

Also this was the day where we randomly wandered into a shoes shop and I managed to buy a pair of Diadora sandals for only 190TWD (approx RM24)! Definitely was a steal!


Joined the Make Up Club in NCCU and yes, there are boys too! It's been great so far, we get products to try (either full sized or samples) and sometimes magazines/books almost every class. I volunteered to be one of the models for the NARUKO 牛而 class, best decision ever because I got a ton of full sized products in sets. Seriously, I think joining this club is the best investment I made in Taiwan. Only 600TWD (Approx RM70, and they will refund 100TWD if you didn't miss more than 3 classes), and from the products I have gotten, the value is already way over what I paid for.


Mike, Evonne, me, Kai Siang (KS), Ah Siang

And then at one point, it just kept raining, so when the rain stopped, the gang goes out to play. The presidential office opens once a month, and I was quite surprised that people are allowed to wear shorts, I also saw some wearing spaghetti strap dresses and all. It was quite interesting, there were a few dance performances even.


Photo credits: Kai Siang

1000+ steps and a gazillion breaths later, this was what greeted us at the top of this mountain. Given that I do not workout at all, this wasn't easy, and I think the worse part is that it was fully stairs. Just an endless staircase all the way to the top. Seeing people sprinting up and down the mountain with ease made me feel quite useless haha, but I made it in the end! The sunset and night view just have to see it to believe it. God knows these 1000+ steps were worth it.


阿里山 was about 14 degrees celcius when we went there. Main attraction: sunrise at the very top of the mountain. According to our driver, only 3 out of 10 groups actually can see the sunrise because mountain weathers are very unpredictable. But we got to see it! Thank God, if not there is basically nothing much there except for this. Lol. And to think we almost missed it because we nearly overslept.

The view on the way down was great though. White fluffy clouds with blue skies everywhere! Tip when visiting 阿里山: If you are someone that is car-sickness prone, do take medication for it, if not its gonna be a very painful journey.

Stopped by at 集集火车站, the oldest railway station in Taiwan, while on the way to our next stop. Decided to take a <Train to Busan> inspired photo and this remains my favourite photo of us up to date. 

Visited Sun Moon Lake 2 years ago but I never knew there were like 3 parts of it that you can actually visit. So we sat the ferry to all 3 parts and had some food and milk tea before leaving.


This place was the last stop for our trip, and it's somewhere in Taichung 台中 on the way back to Taipei, and this is the place I really liked the most. We got there at the golden hour some more about 4.30pm, so it was the sun setting and pretty flowers everywhere. Very beautiful, I will highly recommend this place. And I think because we only had like an hour before they closed so there wasn't much people there anymore, and about 5pm, it was just us. But downside is they start to water the flowers, so some places will be muddy and your shoes will be dirty. But hey, always worth it for a good shot ;)

Part 2 coming up soon. 

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